Selling Your House

Selling Your House? Here Are A Few Tips For You

Planning to sell your home? Looking to move to that big bungalow in the suburbs instead of the small property in mumbai? Planning to start a family and need a better place in a safer location?

Where to start? How to get the right price for your current home? How to evaluate the price for your property? Is the market right to sell now?

With the real estate sector is experiencing a dynamic phase with considerable volume of small and large business transactions taking place everyday. With this market undergoing a sluggish time in the recent past, there has been a marked drop in the sales volumes, further leading to fall in prices due to high inventory. In such a market where supply exceeds demand, only can easily sell a house by bringing down the price. Or is it the only way?

Selling Your House

We say no! There are a few other ways to generate interest in the property, while getting the best possible price. Follow the following steps, and you might get the right buyer interested in your property, willing to offer the right amount.

  1. Pricing the House Correctly

Price is the biggest deciding factor for most buyers and can make or break the deal. Wrong pricing, weather under-pricing or overpricing, can cost one dearly. Thus getting the property correctly evaluated is imperative. At the right price, one is bound to attract more buyers.

  1. Get Property Ready for Sales

Making sure your house is presentable is very essential. The house should not have any breaks or leaks. It should look neat and spacious. After all, a presentable property in the best condition will appeal more to buyers.

  1. Complete all Paperwork

All the paperwork should be in order before the process commences. This includes the allotment letter, sale deed and all other papers that would need to be handed to buyer. Along with this documents dealing with prior proof property purchase, property tax receipts, society documents etc. must be kept available.

  1. Market the Property Well

Effective advertisement increases the visibility of one’s property, allowing more chances of meeting the right buyer. Advertising should be done not just by word of mouth, society boards or simple newspaper ads, but also by utilising as many of the new and upcoming online real estate portals too. Online listing also helps in attracting long-distance buyers for whom the conventional methods would be unsuitable due to their distance.

While marketing one must make sure to cover the following points;

  • Take as many pictures as possible to get a good idea of the property without actually looking at it personally.
  • Never give erroneous or wrong information.
  • If a viable option, get the property verified, if possible, by reliable sources. Although a paid service, it helps place the property in the premium listing section, thus allowing more visibility.
  1. Clear all Dues and Issues

The property should be free from all dues and legal issues. Make sure all the taxes and bills have been cleared. A property without any hassles portrays a good and clear picture in the eyes of the buyer.

  1. Be Practical and Not Emotional

We all are attached to our homes. Especially one we have lived in. If a good offer comes by, and one is serious about selling, do not let emotions cloud your decisions. After all

Selling a home in a market that is slow is a tougher task and needs to be planned for and handled carefully. With all the right groundwork and preparation, coupled with the right pricing, the odds of selling the property increase.

Antivirus free Download 2015

Top 5 Antivirus free Download 2015

Last year witnessed the arrival of many new software which helped in enhancing users’ experience with PC. Unfortunately, along with many good useful software, many new viruses found their way. It’s nothing any strange as arrival of new viruses with every passing day is something quite common to see. In case you are worried about protection of your PC, you must download antivirus on it. While looking for the right antivirus meant for you, the very first thing that you must is see if the antivirus gets its virus database updated from time to time or not. If not, then believe me, such antiviruses are nothing but a big waste for you. Of course, along with that there are many other factors which are used to decide the worth of any antivirus.

Norton Antivirus

Antivirus free Download 2015

I personally have used this antivirus for more than a year, and I must that it’s one of the best antivirus solutions out there. It’s proudly in the list of antivirus download 2015. For all those of you looking for top-notch protection against threats coming from files that you get from the friends or download from the web, Norton antivirus is what is the perfect solution without any doubt. Like many other antivirus software, Norton antivirus is available for free as the trial version. By downloading the trial version, you are allowed to use all features of this esteemed antivirus for free for a set time period. After that you need to buy the license. Of course, do that only if you like this software. Read Review over here


The next in this list about antivirus free download 2015. With millions of users under its name. Kaspersky is worth mentioning name in this list. Those who have been struggling to get protection from viruses in local files and those coming from web, must try out the Kaspersky. The latest version, which is 2015 is full of features and has got all in it that is required for providing protection to the PC. The user-interface is quite simple which is meant to help all newbies out of you.


Talking about antivirus free download 2015 and we don’t list the Bitdefender, is something that cannot happen at all. Bitdefender is the name that comes on the mouths of many when we ask about the best antivirus solution available today. If you have got PC with low-end hardware, then you may not like the Bitdefender, but believe me, if your PC’s hardware is good enough, then simply forget all other antivirus software and head over to Bitdefender’s official website to buy this one. Obviously, you can first try out your hands on the trial version so as to decide if this software is worth investment of is just a fake eye-popper. Well-deserving name in this list about antivirus free download 2015.

Ease Us partition Manager 10.5

Ease Us Partition Management- Review

In modern era, partitions of the drives in the system have become very important and crucial as well. However, one cannot simply rely on the disk management alone now. It is about making the system efficient and useful for any Operating System. In such circumstances, necessity of a high value tool is felt. There are many software and tools available now who claim to be the best in the Partition Management. However, the Ease Us partition Manager 10.5 is surely the leader among them.

Ease Us partition Manager 10.5

Key Features

The most beneficial feature of Ease Us is the ability to extend partition. The system disk can ask for extension of space at any point of time and Ease Us Partition Manager can make you feel relax for the requirement. There are many additional features that can actually make your life hassle free and interesting. Resizing of Dynamic value, split and merge of the partitions, conversion of basic to dynamic, primary to logical and vice versa of them are some really exciting benefits that one can enjoy. Data Loss can be a myth for the people who are using the Partition manager. It gives an added advantage of data recovery which is one of the best as per the industry standard. It supports, MBR and GPT disk as well.


It is a versatile tool and has laid a perfect platform for many challenges. The same Partition Manager for Disk Management can be used for GPT Partition. The tool supports various versions of popular operating system of Windows. It supports the Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. There are different modules and packages available of the versatile tool Ease Us Partition manager. The tool supports different packages for Home Services, Business Services and of course for the Service Providers.

User Review

It is very important to include the user reviews as a part of the review for any tool. The Ease Us Partition manager has able to create a good reputation among the users. The easy to use features, the added benefits and the reliability of the usage have won the hearts of the customers. However, the company is very much dedicated towards improvement and update. Ease Us Partition manager has a good reputation of listing the customer views and has dedicated technical support team for the same. They have always stood up to the expectations of the users when it comes to the customer support and has also welcomed the feedback of the customers.


If you are looking for valuable, durable and efficient software which makes the partition management an easy job then you would love to try this product. It is not only the features and the customer reviews but also the standing up high in the market of competition and challenge. This is one of the best product for the Partition Management for ease of use and services.

Simple Tips for Improving Your Web Design

6 Simple Tips for Improving Your Web Design

A lot goes into the making of a website since its fonts, colors, over all layout as well as images matter a lot. If these things are cared for, then it can potentially create the biggest ever difference for the website. Therefore, it is important to enhance the popularity of a website and the following tips should not be overlooked in any way if you are looking for improving the web design.

Website should have a colorful logo

Logo is the backbone of a website and it need to be prominently designed and visible. It is preferable to use high resolution image in every page and the most important place stands out to be the upper left corner.  Along with that, you should not forget to link back the logo to home page so that visitors are easily able to navigate it.

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Develop responsive site

It is important to develop a responsive site which can effectively and emphatically adapt to the size of the browser. Since, by doing so the design is going to automatically adapt to the most conducive way by which the site is going to be viewed.

Avoid clutter

These days there have been over use of clutter in terms of graphics, animated gifs along with photographs that becomes a constant source of pain for the eyes of one and all.  Therefore, if you are looking to minimize clutter on landing pages, the best way it can be done is to limit the use of links as well as options in both header as well as footer so that the focus can be narrowed quite a lot like the way you want.

Make paragraphs and images apart from each other

There should be sufficient space between images as well as paragraphs so that it looks good and it should equally give great view to the readers as it enhances the beauty of site even further.

Make wise use of color

It is important that proper color should be used so that the website speaks volumes about its modern, clean as well as elegant appearance. It is advisable to use small dashes of color for the key graphics along with headlines as it work wonders in guiding visitors towards the most important content. Along with that, one should equally use small dashes of color for key graphics as well as headlines as by using so, visitors naturally gets attracted towards the most important content.

Make use of fonts that can be easily read across browsers and devices

It is important to understand that the website is not just accessed from laptop; readers equally browse it through mobile devices. Therefore, do not make the use of large-scaled fonts which in spite of being quite good on computer screen, does not read in a great way on mobile devices. Therefore, in the process, it looses it charisma and look. Hence, it should be avoided. Finally, aforesaid are the 6 Simple Tips for Improving Your Web Design and you need to take care of each one of them

Serif PhotoPlus X6

The Top 5 alternatives to Photoshop

If you thought that there is no substitute to Photoshop, then you need to think again. While reading the following article, you will get to know various alternatives to this renowned mechanism which can equally prove to be effective. Following are the Top 5 alternatives to Photoshop:-


 Pixlr 123

The list mentions the name of Pixlr which is termed to be quite a popular and effective photo editor which is present online. The best thing is that it is totally free and this wonderful software gives over 600 effects, borders and overlays.  It is considered to be an ideal photo editor which ensures the best of sophistication and luxury to die for.  It is a child’s play to use this piece of software and you can use this awesome piece of tool for both iOS as well as Android varieties.

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If you are looking for a tool for photo editing, then there will not be a better substitute to Paint, which will do full justice to the whole sequence. Used for windows and priced free, it is indeed considered to be an enriching alternative as being quite a useful tool you cannot ask for more. The software was the result of the undergraduate product which was sponsored by Microsoft, and you will surely ease yourself while using it too. Therefore, do not miss using it in any way.



Looking for an easy going tool which can let your work gets accomplished in comparably a quick span of time? If yes, then you cannot overlook the utility of this magnificent tool which is simply the best over the rest. It costs $14.99/£10.49 and available for Mac you are surely assured of getting your task done in an electrifying manner, like the way you want. The best thing is that there are so many tools which are there within it; hence you are assured of getting sophisticated quality of work which will speak volumes about itself as well. Great, isn’t it?



As it has been mentioned, that there is no dearth of alternatives to Photoshop, so this tool follows the line as well. Available in versions for Mac, Windows and Linux you can simply get the best of work without spending a single penny since it is free. It is used easily even if you are a novice; therefore you have nothing to worry in the process as well. Great, isn’t it?

Serif PhotoPlus X6

Serif PhotoPlus X6

If there is any tool which can give head on competition to Photoshop, it has to be PhotoPlus X6. The price is reasonable considering the sophistication it has and you are going to be enthralled by its reliability and durability. Priced $89.99/£71.48, you will ensure the best of work for your PhotoPlus X6 as it will give you loads of reasons to save a lot of your hard earned money. You can use this enriching piece for Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP

Finally, aforesaid are The Top 5 alternatives to Photoshop. Use them and just take note of the magnificent difference as well.

Joy of Holidays and Gift Wrap

In the modern world of globalization, simple or cheap logistics and the tendency of the manufacturing business expansion, there are a few sellers, who are lucky enough to stand out with unique positions in the range. We are all selling the same product, often at the same price, recommended by the manufacturer.

Still, sellers make their living by different methods.

Someone focuses on reducing costs. The truth is that every entrepreneur had to go such a difficult way. At the same time, each of them should be careful. It is also important not to overdo it.

The second way to earn more is to sale the accessories and additional services. Some of them may achieve values exceeding average the goods (that form the basis of the range) by several times.

This range of services will help you not only attract clients attention by the so-called “suitable solution”, but also could increase the margin substantially.

In the anticipation of the holidays the problem of gift package is especially acute. Most of the clients need personalizing of beautiful packaging for many gifts. It follows that you could make good money on it. Strictly speaking, the cost price of a giftwrapping paper and ribbon is significantly less than the cost of such services. Therefore, cash expenses will be minimal.

Moreover, in the last days before Christmas and New Year, people are very busy with the preparations and every minute counts. In this situation, the client determines the fact that he did not have to spend extra time looking for and visit a specialized store for package, so the price is mere detail.

Like any service, gift packaging can be a marketing tool. For example, you can offer it for client as a gift when one buying something for a certain amount of money. There’s one important think to understand:  gift wrapping option isn’t included in most content management systems by default, so if you’re using Magento or Shopify, you’ll have to make customization or buy a ready extension.

At competent and skillful approach of such shares, the average bill can grow certainly. Moreover, nothing prevents you to order a paper with logo of your company. This will allow you to attract many new customers and improve brand awareness and reputation.

Such idea, as always, has its pitfalls, which should to be avoided in implementing of the service. Therefore, I will try to warn you.

If you implement a package of gifts as a paid service, do not hesitate and do not ask for too little. In the end, it will take time for your employees. In the other hand, price should not be frightening. If the order paper has the logo, it should not dominate in the pattern.

Remember, that we speak about giftwrapping paper, which should create a feeling of joy and feast.  Try to make your logo neatly fit into the picture. It should not draw one’s eye. In any case, do not drive service in binding framework. You should be ready to pack not only goods purchased from you, but also brought by the client: this will not only earn more money, but also help you “to bind” some clients thanks to normal human interaction.

Like any service, gift-wrapping requires advertising. If you want to convey to potential customers about some campaigns – you should place colorful labels on the product pages or even banners on the homepage, categories, offer customers this service during the checkout. Otherwise, you will lose 90% of the profit.

Do not be lazy and offer your customers additional services like giftwrapping. In such a way you will help the client to avoid scheduling unnecessary trips to the shops of gift packaging. Just make your customers happy!

Partition Manager

EaseUS Partition Manager 10.1 Review

If you are thinking about adding a completely new SSD or hard drive to the system of yours, then you will have to keep in mind that formatting is as important as partition prior to the usage. In order to get this job done, you will require a partition manager tool which is self – sufficient enough to format as well as do the partition and re-partition too. It might also happen that after a few days you start thinking about changing the partition to suit the requirement, so your partition tool must be able to make the necessary changes. All these requirements are fulfilled by the easeUS partition manager 10.1 and the good news is that it is completely free of cost for the home users. Users from all over the world have spread the word of mouth helping EaseUS to to reach out to the maximum number of users. If you are looking for something which will be able to carry out the disk management efficiently, then EaseUS is a reliable name on that front. The wizard is easy to use and provides a professional touch to the work it does helping the users manage everything effectively.

Partition Manager

Increasing the C drive space

When we keep on installing things in the Windows system, we tend to forget that they have a space restriction to it. So, one fine day we see that it has very little space left for important files. Therefore, we do the obvious, we start deleting the old and unimportant files in order to get some free space out there. But, contrary to our popular belief, this technique doesn’t work wonders, instead within a short span of time we will again see that we have run out of disk space. Now, what do we do? We can do one thing and that is to learn how to extend C drive in windows 7. It is simple; you can just take the help of EaseUS partition manager software and increase the space of C drive.

Several other features included

Apart from extending C drive, you can use this partition manager to accomplish some other tasks like –

  • Resizing partition without losing out any data
  • Merging of two partitions which are adjacent to each other
  • Conversion of logical partition to primary partition.
  • Partition wipe out possible to get rid of all sensitive information that is there on the disk
  • On GTB disk, 4TB partition is supported

Enhanced performance of the partition manager

It supports multiple languages, including Deutsch, Española, French, English, Portuguese, Chinese, etc. The new version has enhanced compatibility, so now you can use this with almost any system you want. The size of the file of the partition manager installation is reduced in size, in order to enhance the free installation. Even the bugs are fixed, so that users are able to use the best quality product and when you will be able to do everything all by yourself, then nothing can get better than that.

Facebook proxy login sites

Facebook Proxy Login Sites List That Works

Facebook has changed the whole meaning of staying connected as there are people who make it all public on these social networking sites. Going for a dinner with friends and families to going to an important meeting, everything is updated on their Facebook page. In order to increase the productivity there are many offices and colleges that block the social networking sites because they think that people spend more time on these sites instead of working sincerely. This blocking of networking sites has been made a policy of the organizations so that the employees know that if they break the policy then they can be held for that. But as we are human, therefore we believe that rules are meant to be broken so we look for ways to get into our Facebook account even when they are blocked. Not only in the office premises or colleges, but also some public Wi-Fi network blocks the social networking sites like Facebook citing some security issues. It is annoying but we all compromised with the situation because the admin has blocked it. Though you will be able to access various other sites but the Facebook page seems to be blocked by most of them. Now with the help of Facebook Proxy Login sites you will be able to bypass the block and get through to your account effortlessly. This seems to be great news for the people who are addicted to Facebook as now they will be able to get through any restrictions and access their Facebook account in a trouble – free manner.

Facebook proxy login sites

What are Facebook Proxy login sites?

Want to know what Facebook proxy login sites are then here is an overview of the thing. With the help of this proxy login site you will easily be to bypass the security or the blocked access and use your Facebook from anywhere you like. As we were discussing that schools and colleges, blocks these kinds of social networking sites so that nobody can access it from the premises, but if you lay your had on any of the best proxy login sites then you can easily do away with the blocking and access Facebook.

These proxy login sites are easy to use as you can just enter URL on Facebook and this Facebook proxy login sites will load the page for you. In order to use these sites there is no need of any registration or account creation. The sites have easy user interface so that you don’t face any problem in getting through.

Facebook Proxy login sites list that works

There are three Facebook proxy sites that have made a name for itself and they are –

  • Proxymice
  • The Facebook Proxy
  • Unlock Facebook Proxy

You can use these sites to get the access to Facebook even when it is blocked.

Proxy Mice – This one is considered to be one of the best proxy login sites. The user interface is easy to use and you won’t face any kind of a problem in operating it. Get started with this uncomplicated proxy login site, enter the URL and you will be greeted by a welcome page which is self explanatory, so it wouldn’t be a problem for you to access Facebook page. High security is provided through this proxy site, ensuring the safety of your Facebook account. Another thing is that it behaves like a regular browser so you need not worry about anything else but enjoy!

Facebook Proxy – The restricted are might be any like schools, offices, colleges or any public Wi-Fi network, you can use this proxy site to get connected to Facebook. This one also has an easy user interface and is high on security too. Another important thing about this proxy site is that you can use this as normal browser and access other blocked sites to apart from Facebook. In this one also you have to paste the URL and follow the instructions to get to the Facebook account.

Unlock Facebook Proxy – Now this one also works in the same way as that of Proxymice and Facebook Proxy. You will be able to access Facebook from anywhere you want through this Facebook proxy login site. The user interface is simple therefore you can easily browse through it and it also can provide you with the access of other blocked sites. Now you know where to go when you find that Facebook access is blocked.

With the help of these three sites you can easily get access to Facebook and other blocked sites. Not only that these three proxy login sites are secured enough for browsing.