10 Best Auto Insurance Companies


When it comes to listing the best of anything, that depends on a lot of issues and listing 10 best auto insurance companies are no different. We are going to talk about some auto insurance who offers their services in many states, everyone offers their best rates comparing to the service they provide. Every car owner and driver is different, and that’s why the insurance policies do vary. When it comes to choosing the perfect insurance company for your car, a particular might not be able to offer everything while the other company might be. Talk to the representatives of these companies and carefully observe who represents their company to the best way to you. Here, we listed the best auto insurance companies below and they are not listed in any particular order.

Best Auto Insurance Companies


It’s actually an abbreviation which stands for Government Employees Insurance Company. This is the third largest auto insurance company in the world. Since their beginning, they have insured more than 16 million cars and they have 10 million satisfied customers. And their growth hasn’t stopped yet! But according to their customers, they don’t have any provision for local agents; everything’s done via national call centers.


This is one of those insurance companies who took the initiative for providing online insurance. Convenience – that’s the selling point of this company. You just need your own computer to quote, buy or get a print out of their policy. And they process claims fast, you will get response within a day. The customer care is beside you 24/7.

Liberty Mutual

One of the oldest insurance companies among the ones described here. Since 1912, they have been insuring their customers, homes and vehicles. In terms of providing insurance support for casualties and properties; they are on the 5th position and also they have been successfully able to keep up the renewal rate of their customers – it’s 91%. Availing their service is possible through phone, internet or their representatives.

The Good Neighbor Company

This is another of the oldest yet best insurance companies, providing service since 1922. They have been covering insurance policies for this long and covered above 42 million claims in US and Canada. And no matter when you knock at their door, they are always there.


This company has been insuring people, home and automobiles for a real long time, since 1931. They have a network all over the country and they provide service through independent agents. Till now, they have covered insurance for more than 15 million vehicles.


The good thing about Progressive is, they will adjust the policy cost according to how much you are ready to pay. Founded in 1937 and they provide some exceptional service like pet insurance. Your pet will also be covered under the policy if it was in the car during the accident.

Triple A

The policies of this company vary in each state as the agents work individually and independently. According to the company’s claim, the drivers will save more than $30,000,000 in the present year.

21st Century Insurance

Their motto is providing the same service as other for less money. Around the country, they have got nearly 20 million customers covered under their policy.


The first customer of Nationwide was Ohio Farm Business Bureau, in 1926. Since then they are in service, and they offer personalized service in lower costs.


Do you believe in commercials? If so, then Travelers got you covered under their red umbrella. 150 years is a long time and they are actually in business for this long, since 1897.

No matter which company you choose, you may even choose other companies not from this list. You can only know if you are winning with your company when you compare one company with others and each other. This research will pay off by getting you better rates.


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