10 things that might encourage you to fight against cancer


Literally there is no human living on earth that is not aware of the deadliest disease named cancer! If I just call Cancer a disease it will be an injustice done to the innumerable people who have lost their lives to cancer and to the ones who are suffering from this disease. Cancer is not a disease, it is an epidemic that has struck the whole world and is killing people at an alarmingly increasing rate! Taking an example, statistics show that Cancer has been the major killer of Humans defeating all other dangerous diseases, in North America. When, compared to accidents due to death, the ratio was found out to be 4: 1 in favour of cancer.


Before I start giving my lectures about what to do and what not to do! Before I start encouraging you to fight against the deadly epidemic of cancer, I would like you to notify about what Cancer actually is! So here is that Ultimate Question – What Is Cancer? I can surely give the biological answer of what a cancer is, but I would prefer not to and that is because a lot of the individuals reading this would not be able to comprehend to what I mean. In extremely simple words, Cancer Is growth of unwanted cells that spread around the place of their origin and start killing the nearby healthy cells. Cancer is also termed as malignant tumours. Here is a list of things that you might just do to fight the epic battle of cancer.

1. The growth of cancer cells can be reduced if there happens to be a reaction in your body that leads to formation of free Radicals. Chemically, radicals are known to be dehydrating agents. Thus they might just be able to dehydrate the cancer cells in your body and prevent its growth. These were hard words. Keeping it much simple, I would advise you to increase your intake of Vitamins, especially Vitamin A.

2. You can also help yourself by drinking a lot of juice. Juice of real and well nourished fruits can really help in providing vitamins to your body.

3. You can also help yourself by eating as much green vegetables as much as you can. According to the doctors, there are yet many green plants whose abilities have not yet been fully discovered. There are many vegetables that we eat and yet do not know about all the good things it does to us. Thus, if there are so many good things in the green vegetables, then why not try them?

4. There is a theory that the cells that are used by the green plants to oxidise glucose, can also be used in case of ailments. May be that is the reason why, we find ourselves rubbing a paste of neem leaves on a wound. We all know that these kinds of cells exist in the leaves of the plants and the only leaf that we eat readily that I can think of right now is cabbage, Thus i think there is no harm in eating or drinking cabbage juice.

5. You can also drink Essiac tea, which is an exceptional mixture of Herbs. Probably this tea might just contain some herb that may help you feel better.

6. Considering the mental state that you might find yourself in, it is advisable for you to take part in community programs. This will help you to keep your mind and heart refreshed.

7. You can also read some of the legendary inspirational books. They might help you to think in a positive way and create a new vision towards life.

8. There is also a possibility that a change in the surroundings of the atmosphere can lead to change in the mental state of the patient. Thus, change in the surroundings is not at all a bad idea to furnish.

9. You might just try watching a few films, or let us say the video biographies of great legends. They might be able to inspire a new wish in you. Watching films will keep your tensions at bay.


10. Let us just go a bit wild on my last advice. I have seen a person, who was dying with cancer and yet went on having sex with various people. He said ‘He liked It!’ According to him, sex made him forget that he was about to die. He said that in those moments of ecstasy, he used to live a lifetime. Do not get me wrong. I am not asking you to go and have sex with the every next girl you meet. By this example, I meant that go and do whatever you like the most. Do whatever makes you smile. Live the remainder of your life like you have never lived before.

These are just some points that I think might help the patients. They will not be able to save their lives, but might just give them an extra couple of days to live in this beautiful world. Whatever I have said in this article is just based on a general ideas and survey. I do not guarantee help but these things might just help as they have helped others. For further information, I would certainly advice you to consult an eligible and qualified physician.


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