10 Tips on How To Increase Alexa Rank Of Your Blog


Alexa is a web information company which ranks websites on their database based on its traffic. Believe me it’s nothing to do with this tool but mostly all webmasters look at the alexa rank and justify the traffic of the blog, sometimes they may have the luck but not always because alexa cannot judge the actual traffic of a website…. It may be wrong sometimes!!

I made this point to you because I have noticed these things many times on my blogs so had a thought to share my views!

But if you want to increase your rank as all the webmasters, here are few tips to increase your alexa rank.


Update regularly 

This is the basic thing that you need to do for every blog. Everyone likes to see the updates of your likes, search engines and loyal readers. So make a schedule and the perfect time to roll out the posts.

Update regularly means you need not start writing blah blah…. The post must attract the visitors and it must contain quality and not quantity.

Install Alexa Toolbar

Adding alexa toolbar helps your blog to increase the rank. Increasing in the sense having lower number.
Download alexa toolbar at Alexa.com

Claim Your Site

If you haven’t claimed your site yet then go ahead and do it immediately, this will help others to know the site owner is and also make you improve your site rankings.

Get Traffic

Improve SEO of your blog and get indexed in search engines so that your website gets a lot of traffic. As I said earlier, alexa gets updated daily based on the site’s traffic. So this is a golden chance to increase your Alexa Rank as well as your site traffic tooo.

Add Alexa Widget

Using all alexa widges on your blogs will increase your alexa rank, so if you see any of the alexa widgets put it on your blog…!

Get Reviews

It’s very good to get the feedback of your website always, when it comes to alexa reviews it will make your site more popular when you have a lot of reviews… so get reviews from the visitors or by any other way.


By commenting on other niche websites and solving their problems can get you more loyal readers which increases your traffic and which is also needed to increase your Alexa rank.

Guest Posting

You all know what guest posting means, if you don’t know then refer Google for the best answers!! Do guesting posting on popular websites which has a good Alexa rank . This will make your site more popular and it also good for SEO. But now a days they say that guest posting is not a good way because google is busy updating their algorithms all the time.

But don’t worry as of now we are in thought of increasing alexa rank. We will discuss that later on my blog.

Use the Benefits of Social Media

Whenever you post new something on your blog share it on your social networking sites, this makes your loyal readers noticed about your updates and will improve your traffic. Social Media is a most viral way to get traffic.

Make your Brain think of something extraordinary

As I always say “A teacher always tell us the rules, but a winner always make them”. So think of something that will make your mind pop out with cool strategies.

So you Finally learn How to Increase Alexa Rank. Hope your enjoyed reading to my Guest Post!


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