2013- Social Media trends you can expect


social Media trendsWith 2013 ushering in some great predictions for Social Media Marketing for small businesses, let us unravel what the year has in store for all the businesses in terms of changes in their Social Media engagement. The brief list of Social Media Changes in 2013, will be an amalgamation of the learning acquired from the past mistakes and an overall prediction for the coming year based on those mistakes. However there will be no changes in some trends. For instance quality content will continue to rule whereas the trend to overwhelm users with information overload will most possibly remain intact.

Increased Engagement on Social Media

2012 has been the year when small businesses have been clamouring for space in perhaps every Social Media platform. Now that they have gathered the idea that absolutely no Social Media platform is static there will be a surge in the levels of engagement. Same for the big businesses. Brands that have merely posted links, videos will now be inclined towards more “humanized” engagement. In order to ensure more ROI they will have to emerge as individual personalities. Users will not be interested in communicating with brands that are distant, cold and only interested in mundane campaigns.

The idea that Marketing is not tied to Revenue Generation will be done away with

There were companies working on the principal that marketing is not crucially linked to Revenue Generation. It has been predicted that 2013 will be the year when the worth of marketing will be directly connected to the growth of sales. This will specially hold true for small businesses. This particular tend will be key in changing the face of Social Media in 2013

2013 will be the year of transparency

Be you are a big brand or a start-up, be more transparent with your users. The previous year had witnessed many Social Media goof ups from the part of big brands and they were left unmitigated. Brands either ignored apologising to the users for these monstrous gaffes or else they went into the damage control mode by completely deleting erroneous posts or pictures that created controversies. It is hoped that 2013 will be the year when the brands will start owning up their mistakes so as to generate more trust among users.

Real time marketing will be given more priority

Marketing solely based on campaigning will be given less priority in the year 2013. The campaign operating solely on the company’s timeline, thereby ignoring the user based timeline will not hold good this year. Real time marketing more akin to user based timeline operation will be the focus.

Content will continue to be king

Yes reliance on content for visibility on Social Media platforms like Facebook, Twitter in the form of posts, links, images and videos, retweets etc will remain unchanged.

Better marketing plan for mobile strategies

As more and more people today are depending on mobiles instead of personal computers or laptops, a fully integrated mobile strategy will be apart of the marketing plan now. The year 2013 in itself is considered to be a significant year for Social Media campaigns. Let us wait and watch how this year shapes up for the future of businesses in Social Media, as that itself is going to affect their overall fate in the market in a major way!

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