2013 top SEO tips for small business


Now days everyone is designing and publishing own business on internet to attract more customers and speared business worldwide. For that what should to be do? How to attract more peoples to your business at that time one way is come in front of you is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). To get more traffic on your website you must optimize using SEO. SEO is better and smart way because it has more advantages over SEM (Search Engine Marketing).

SEO for Small Business
2013 top SEO tips for small business are given below you must read it and drive more people or attract more customers on your business.

Webmaster Tools

A first thing is webmaster tool. You take a benefits from webmaster tools of different search engine including Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.. Most of users and customers are coming through search engine. You can submit your business website to Google Webmaster Tool, Bing Webmaster Tool.

Meta Tags

One of the basic SEO fundamental is the Meta tag. You must added Meta tags in your business site to get more revealed search through search engines. Meta tags length must be 160 words. This Meta tags are invisible for users but tags catches by search engines.

Image Tags

You are adding image in your contents to looks your site more attractive. You can add an image tag well knows as alt tag. Alt tag defines image description. You must add alt tags properly because search engine find image using alt tags.

Site Map

Every website must have their xml sitemap. In search engines webmaster tool you must add your sitemap to access your page in search engine. You can also create on another site map which is user friendly to minimize your bounce rate.


From the backlinks, we know the how much your business is popular online? How sites are pointing your business. Simply backlinks means online reputation of your business. There are automated backlinks generators tools are available but to beware from that because now days search engines considered those links as spam links. Manual link building is most powerful solution to build backlinks.

Social Media

Now day’s importance of social media increasing day by day and peoples are connecting through it. You must create social media profiles of your business on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc.. to attracted more people and connect with peoples. Here you can promote you any products with single button and convey to your clients and users.

Serach Engine Optimization

Analytics Tool

Most of business companies do not pay attention to take an analysis of their online business. You must take more detailed information including bounce rate, average time of visitors and so on. There are so many analytic tool are available paid and free. Google Analytics is most preferred because give more detailed information free of cost.

Forums and Blog Commenting

Through the forum related with your business; you can able to find new clients and user to your business. From the blog commenting on others website you can attracted peoples on your business.

Guest Posting

It’s another genuine way to attract your costumers to your business. Simply you can find the your business related blogs and contact them. Write a article on that blog and take a link to your business site. Now a days it’s trend to do guest posting ?


Webmaster Tools, Meta Tags, Forum and blog commenting, Guest posting are the better and simple way to spread your business on Internet.

If I miss any or you have any problem regarding the Search Engine Optimization tips for small business then just post a comment.


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