5 Best Fuel Efficient SUV Cars in India


Talking about the latest scenario then it’s a clear picture that every car manufacturing company is trying hard to make a fuel efficient product, as it’s a need for speed today. Sometimes it put us in trouble that whether we give priority to a luxury model or to the fuel efficient car. And what would be more pleasant if we get a combination of luxury and fuel efficiency in a single machine. Fuel efficiency matters a lot when you are driving a Sport Utility Car, you cannot judge or buy a car only on the basis of looks and other features. It is sounds better that your car attains more miles per gallon and if we are talking in India then it’s the tendency of roads that your car should be more fuel efficient than other aspects. To resolve you’re this problem, I have some information about the best fuel efficient SUV cars.

1.      Renault Duster

Renault Duster

It’s mesmerizing but Renault is leading all the ways. The Sport Utility Vehicle from one of the popular car makers Renault’s Duster is hitting the best to the Indian roads. This compact SUV offers a fantabulous ride and three engine variants over the range of 7.69L – 11.49L. Renault Duster is winning the heart of people by its spectacular performance and the amazing 20.64kmpl mileage. This car is best for both city roads and highways. At last, I would say that it’s a worth a price and go for it.

2.      Skoda Yeti

Skoda Yeti is securing the position second in the list of Best Fuel Efficient SUV Cars in India. The car is showcased at Auto Expo, New Delhi in Jan 2011 and finally hit the roads in Nov 2011. The car got mixed response of market; one of the good features by which it made a place in the heart of people was its mileage and performance. The fuel Efficiency was the foremost feature the car has. Skoda Yeti comes in four variants and covers the price tag between 14.7L – 18.3L. The car has the capability to deliver unbelievable mileage of 17.7kmpl.

3.      Mahindra Bolero

The Indian Manufacturing company is not far in the race, if we are talking about the Best Fuel Efficient SUV Cars then we can’t leave the Mahindra Bolero. As we are talking about the subject then its powerful engine delivers the awesome mileage of 15.96kmpl. So, it’s keeping the pride high by Mahindra.

4.      Mahindra XUV500

If we are talking about the SUV segment then it’s impossible to miss the Mahindra XUV500. The car has been changed the story of Mahindra by this launch. As this SUV hit the market streets it won the heart of millions of people with the spectacular mileage of 15.1kmpl.

5.      Hyundai Santa Fe

Hyundai Santa Fe is getting fifth position in our list of Best Fuel Efficient SUV Cars. This powerful ride offers 14.66kmpl of mileage and also offers a tremendous driving experience.

All above listed are the Best Fuel Efficient SUV Cars in India. Fuel efficiency is the great subject to talk in the field of automobiles and it’s good that all leading companies are taking keen interest in this.


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