5 Best Ways to Build Backlinks


Best Ways to Build BacklinksBacklinks are one of the innovative ideas that influence the search engine ranking. Besides this, search engine ranking also affects the referral traffic.  Thus, as a blogger it is very essential to know the ways to generating backlinks for your website.

5 Best Ways to Build Backlinks

Guest Posting

Guest posting is one of the most preferable ways of link building and authority of your blog. Sometimes it gives you high up thrust to your SERPs after posting article on a few commendable and reputed websites and pointing a link or two on your website. If you get the opportunity to get the link accepted in the body of the text or may some SEOed anchor text then results will be more fruitful.

Article Marketing

Niche is a prominent factor for any blog. If you chosen some narrow niche then after 5-6 articles to Ezine Articles, you will see great results. You may even get the permission to place the link inside the body of the article including author’s bio. One of the interesting things about Ezine Articles is that it allows you to choose any anchor text and links.

Yahoo Answers

It is always to browse through Yahoo answers and the reply to question posted in forums. Once, you have answered the question, yahoo gives you the option to post the source link.  This strategy is affective for SEO as Google recognize this weblinks immediately and report them to Webmaster tools stats.

Blog Commenting

It is of course that you need to do after link building strategy. Always try I give and be the first one to comment on different blogs. This will help you in getting recognized in the crowd.


Tweeting works wonderfully once you some appreciable number of followers. If you don’t then create some. Yes, people say that SEO wise it is not so good,  but it helps you in getting consistent referral traffic.


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