5 Best Ways to Promote Your Blog Easily


best ways to promote your blog easilyWriting a good and innovation post is very necessary for any blogger is quite important. It is only through promotion that your hard effort gets recognized in the world. Even a highly optimized SEO article which is unique and fresh needs an appropriate exposure to right kind of audience.

By promoting your blog you can always fork down  some good bucks for advertisements such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and via many others ways.

5 Best Ways to Promote Your Blog Easily

Post Your Blog on the Social Media

It is quite obvious that sharing your blog on the social media is an overstated phenomenon. So ensure creating your account on Twitter, Facebook, Google + page of your blog. You can leverage other social networking platform as well, for example LinkedIn and Pinterest. It would be incredible if you choose a couple of social sharing app, such as Hootsuite or Buffer to strengthen your social media activity as they get you of sharing at the larger front. Using hashtags is also one of the important phenomenons.

Blog Commenting

Blog comments serves many purpose altogether. Mostly the commenting systems on the other blogs provide an option to link back your blog. Thus, commenting on other’s blog would bring traffic on your page as well. In case you have url for the specific blog post, then traffic will converge to your blog.

Submit Post on Voting sites

There are several ways to promote post, and voting sites is a good option in this league. You can post on sites like Reddit, Stumbleupon, and Blog engage, are a couple of ways to get your post voted or noticed.  However, this will not influence your search ranking but brings in valuable backlinks and traffic to your blog.

Communicate With Your Readers

It is always important to communicate with your readers so that immediately subscribed your blog and become potential clients and customers.

Utilize Twitter as a Networking Tool

Another widely used and most popular way to promote your blog. Twitter is an important way to build strong networking. So, it is good to tweet regularly and interact with the wider readership.

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