5 Common Blogging Mistakes to Avoid


Blogging Mistakes to AvoidWelcome back to dNem.info. If you are a pro blogger then you have to be really conscious about avoiding common Blogging mistakes.  This post will focus on listing out 5 common Blogging mistakes to avoid.

Perception About Your Reader

If you think that people read all your post then this is a wrong perception. The research says that only 16% percent of the people read your post word by word, and rest of them, they simply scan. The post should be written in such a way so that readers are able to extract the key message and which are easily scanned able.

Using Full Paragraph Format

Again, as people don’t want to read so, they so simply scan. So, you using full paragraph format makes readers to get bored off. Use bullets, subheadings and interesting titles to make people read and feel excited even before the first read

Spun Articles

Spun articles are something which is simply hazardous for your blogging reputation. Though you feel that it is ready-made and comes to you at free lunch but at the end it can wipe all your hard –earned blogging reputation.

Trying to Sell Something in a Blog Post

Blogs are indirect ways of promotion and thus it is not a pressure sales tactic. Readers often like neutral posts, and they immediately switch over to other posts, if they find your blog a little self promoting. Thus, try to make use your blog as a tool for instilling trust and credibility and also to build authority.  Eventually, if your reader trusts you then they will find it credible and will generate significant leads.

Boring And Uninformative

To be frank, people hardly cares about yourself opinion, until you are great blogging tycoon. So, the best way is to elaborate and enrich your post with useful information.

If you tend to avoid some common blogging mistakes then it is not far when you will become one of the popular bloggers with huge revenue return.


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