5 Common Causes for Bed Bugs


Bed Bugs are not at all easier to handle and you shouldn’t ignore them if you’ve seen a single of them in your bed or cushion. These are parasitic insects which mainly target human beings. Since human beings take about 6-10 hours daily on an average on bed for sleeping so this becomes favorite hunting place for the Bed Bugs.

Bed Bugs sucks blood from human beings and these bugs makes their target to human beings only. Once a single of them is there on your bed then the number of them can duplicate very fast and it will become harder for you to cure them.

In order to stay make sure that Bed Bugs are away from your home then you should know the causes for Bed Bugs. I’m including here the 5 common causes for Bed Bugs.

Bed bugs

Pets in Home

There are bugs for every next animal like there are different bugs for cats, different for dogs, etc. Now if you also having any pet in your home then there are chances that they will be having bugs with them.

Since you can’t fix the place for your pet and it can roam inside your home everywhere so this increases the target places of the bugs. Once they are onto your bed then no doubt the bugs will target you.

Old Furniture

Furniture with an age has got severe chances of being infected with the bed bugs or other kind of infections. Old furniture may sound cheaper or antique to you but it can cost you on your health.

You need to make sure that the old furniture you’re buying is treated for any of these infections otherwise you need to pay it via your blood.

Unclean Home

If you don’t clean your home regularly then your home will be in the priority list of Bed Bugs. These bugs find such un-cleaned places their home and they can sit there for about one year without food.

Once they are out for hunting then they will target your bed first and then they will get on to you.


Apparels are next target of the Bed Bugs and if cloths you wearing are having any of them then this can lead you in trouble. Always make sure that cloths you’re wearing are clean and not having any such bugs.

Hotels and Public Places

Places tagged as public places are easy target for Bed Bugs. If you get on their commonly like you’ll be taking hotels if you travel a lot then you need to check the bed before taking a nap there.


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