5 Cool & Funny Facebook Tricks that You Must Know


fb tricks mmnWe don’t need deep introduction about Facebook, everyone is aware about it. Even we don’t need survey regarding number of users of Facebook; if we take survey among 5 social media site users then we can say all 5 people must have their account on Facebook. Facebook has become a religion for social media users or internet users.

Currently, Facebook have more than 400 million users; it is more than a nation. Facebook has grown faster in very less time and defeated craze of MySpace and Orkut and some other social media sites. Facebook is not only used for fun or making friends only, but these days it is most powerful tool for business purpose, even all ventures have their Facebook fan page.

If you are real Facebook users and spend more than 6 hours a day on Facebook then this article is best for you because you’ll know some cool & funny Facebook Tricks that make you center of attraction among your Facebook friends. So I must tell you to know these Facebook Tricks from top to bottom. Let’s come with me and take a look over these cool & funny Facebook Tricks:

Facebook Tricks # 1: Update blank Status

Everyone update their status with their written quote. Have you ever tried to update blank Facebook Status? If yes, you were unable to update a blank status. Don’t Worry about that! I’ll guide you to update a blank Facebook Status.

Use following code to update blank Facebook Status:
@[3:3: ]

@[3:3: ]

@[3:3: ]

Facebook Tricks # 2: Facebook Status update in Blue

If you want to update your Facebook status in blue then you must use following code. You just need to copy and paste and fill your status by replacing ‘Your Text’.

@@[1:[0:1: Your Text]]

Facebook Tricks # 3: Protect your Profile Pic

Someone clicks on your profile pic and it becomes enlarge then they keep copy of your profile pic and further use it as fake. So if you want to protect your profile pic to make free from exploitation. You must follow the steps below:

Step # 1

Go to timeline then

Photos -> Albums -> Profile Pictures

Step # 2

Now select your profile picture and set its privacy to ‘Only Me’ instead of making it public.

Facebook Trick # 4: Download your Facebook Photo Albums

If you want to download your all collections of photos, group photos, tagged photos in bulks. There is an Add-on for Mozilla Firefox browser, you just need to install that Add-on on your computer and your Albums will be ready to download on a single click.

Add-On name: FacePAD: Facebook Photo Album Downloader

Facebook Tricks # 5: Block Facebook Ads.

If you are getting annoy by seeing unusual Facebook Ads. Don’t worry! Here is your solution. There is an extension for Google Chrome, just download it and install on your computer, Facebook Ads won’t display again.

Extension name: Ads Blocker

So you got lots of information about Facebook Tricks. Hope it’ll help you to enjoy more on Facebook. If you know some more Facebook tricks, feel free to share with us via comment.


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