5 Effective ways to Jumpstart Your Writing


Writing a blog post is not as easy as writing an academic paper. A blog post neither should be too long nor too short. It should not be also excessively detailed. You blog post should be informative and something people would actually want to read. In the post below I am going to share 5 simple tips to jump start your writing. So if you are new into Blogging, these effective tips can get you over that dry spell and jump start your way to a new blog post.

 5 Effective ways to Jumpstart Your Writing

1. Read Something

The first thing you need to do before you start writing is to read something. It can be anything a simple poem or short story. You can even try an audio file. Before pounding those keyboards, it lead your mind into that “writing zone”. Keep trying doing this and you will notice that writing comes naturally. Read just before jumpstart your writing gives you same smoothness what warming up gives you before running. The mind needs some warming up too, so it’s a good practice to read something to get you going.

2. Create a Blue print of your Plans

Creating a blue print of your plan is one of the most important strategy to complete your work in right way. Here’s creating Blue print refers to pre-writing where you outline your blog entry. It is just like creating a map instead of going through a hit or miss process. What you have written your blog post, and then realizing that you have missed something. Blue print of your plan saves time and prevents the frustration of realizing that you have forgotten to include some important details. So it’s always a good idea to providing yourself with a map or writing.

3. Writing Ideas

It’s good to focus on finding ideas for your writing rather than Grammar. In my case my ideas are worth but my grammar might not always be on the top of the class. So don’t worry about it, Write however you write. You must concentrate to make the writing ideas as understandable as possible, ant nothing more.

4. Take a Second Look

It’s really a great writing habit to take a second look on work to revise it. So when you are done writing, close you computer and just leave everything behind. Now comeback to what you were working on few hours earlier. This time you will not be too inside your head and will easily come to know what to keep and change. You get to see your written article with fresh eyes, and a fresh state, almost things in completely different way. This is called aesthetic distancing. Don’t skip the editing process just because you are too lazy to do so.

5. Ask someone

You must accept it, you are actually not the best person to see if there is dirt at the back of your shirt. It’s always a good idea to ask a friend to take an objective look at your blog post after writing. Don’t be anxious about feedback or else you’ll stand to miss out on some points that really need changing. It is important that you never lose yourself in getting an opinion from others. Don’t forget you still have a final say on what goes live on your blog.

What all the method you use to kick start your blog entry. Let me know if you use yet another effective way to jumpstart your writing. Drop your view in comments.


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