5 Effective Ways to Remove Pimples Fast


Pimples are a cosmetic problem which is very annoying and embarrassing, especially when you do everything to get rid of it and still it doesn’t disappear from your face. Using incorrect methods may favor the onset of the worst damage, and for this reason, the most important thing to keep in mind is that prevention can be aided by a perfectly clean skin. You should do things to keep your skin healthy and beautiful. In order to make your skin healthy and clean you should take certain measures in your life. Below we will be discussing 5 tips to get rid of your pimples fast and make your face extra beautiful without the appearance of any dark spots.

Below are the 5 tips which you can practice to remove pimples from your face.

  • Try to eat nutritious food. A great way to eliminate pimples quickly is to eat healthy food. Try to avoid eating erratically, at bad times, swallowing foods rich in oils, sugar, fat .Examples of these types of foods are soft drinks, cakes, snacks, fast food, hamburger, french fries, and candy,  The foods that you can eat instead are: whole grains, poultry products (chicken breast, tuna, and turkey), nuts, vegetables, lots of fruit, and other natural foods. Make changes in your diet so that you will be eating only nutritious food without oil. Oil is the main reason for getting pimples on your face. So when you stop taking oily food in your diet you can prevent appearance of pimples to a great extent.
  • Another effective way to get rid of pimples quickly is the use of garlic. To gain the benefits, you have to rub crushed garlic on the face, once or twice daily for 7 days. You will notice a difference within a week of starting treatment. Garlic is a great natural way to remove pimples from your face.
  • Drinking plenty of water is another easy way to get rid of pimples. If the body is full of toxins, you may experience problems that often occur on the face and body in the form of pimples. Drinking plenty of water can remove all the toxic compounds from the body. You should consume more than 8 litres of drinking water every day. It will not only help you to cure your pimples but also good for your health in whole.
  • Another way to get rid of pimples is that, use a small amount of apricot extract on the part of the body where pimples are present and massage for 10 minutes per day until the pimples were completely removed. This is a really easy way you can practice.
  • The application of toothpaste is another option to remove pimples quickly. Apply a bit ‘of toothpaste on pimples and leave it on at night allows these to dry out more quickly.  This method will be working for only certain skins. Try this yourself and check whether it works on your skin. You should use the white paste for this purpose. Avoid gel toothpastes since they make no difference to your pimples. Apply the toothpaste before you go to bed and remove it when you wake up with warm water. You will get good result once you do this method regularly.

Above mentioned tips are proved to be working and you can too try them since they are definitely natural and home friendly. You can practice them from your home itself, no need to go to a doctor. So obviously these are cheap methods to remove your pimples. Try them and let us know your results soon!

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