5 Exercises to Avoid While Going Through a Cleanse


Have you heard about cleansing? I hope so because you’re looking for related information and you must be going through cleansing. These days’ toxins get over to our body very easily due to junk foods and alcohol and this leads to severe problems in our body system. Now to remove those toxins one has to go through cleansing process.

While you’re under cleansing then doctor will advice you not to do any kind of exercises and try to be stress free as much as you can. Though you can do exercises which don’t put lots of stress or burden on your body but these exercises should be very light weighted. It will be better if you avoid doing exercises particularly while under cleanse.

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I’m including here about 5 exercises to avoid while going through a Cleanse. Don’t ignore this thing as in order to get your cleanse successful.

Avoid Running



Don’t run during this treatment period. Though you can walk but the speed should be slow and it should not be like running at all because running will make your body stress and muscles will be fired at very rapid rate which can have negative effects.

While you run then blood circulation will move fast and you’ll feel low on energy. This thing can make you feel demotivated which is not at all good.

Avoid Sit ups

Sit ups are very good exercises and no doubt they got lots of benefits but while you’re on cleansing process then you need to avoid doing them. It’s not at all recommended to do a single sit up during this treatment.

Avoid Lifting too much Weight

Lifting too much weight is good while exercising as it increases stamina but don’t forget you’re under treatment and you’re advice not to lift too much weight.

Though you can lift light weights while doing regular work in your home or office but if it comes to too much weight then you need to seriously avoid it or you’ll be paying cost on your health.

Avoid Swimming

Swimming is another kind of exercise that can feel you exhausted easily and that’s why you need to avoid it. You need to avoid every such exercise which can make you feel exhausted and swimming is one such activity.

It may be your daily habit of swimming in evening or morning but you need to avoid it till your doctor doesn’t put a complete healthy tag on your health report.

Avoid Exercise at Gym

You need to leave your gym subscription for a while till you’re under treatment otherwise you’ll be lifting weight there and doing lots of exercises which will have negative effect on the treatment reports.


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