5 Must Use Tips To Boost Alexa Rank Quickly


Alexa is latest web informatics company used by me, you and many all over the world. Does Alexa ranking matters? Yes. Alexa is considered more important than page rank explained by many pro bloggers. So alexa helps you to get income from advertisers if you have good ranking. Every advertisers checks your alexa rank and confirms to advertise or not. So alexa ranking should be considered more important to attract visitors even from search engines. Many bloggers came forward with many blogs online. So it’s hard to deal with competition in this world. So some quick tips to boost/increase your alexa ranking are listed below. Note, there are many the below are best from many tips.

 Boost Alexa Rank Quicklyimage credit :  www.2makeawebsite.org

1. Installation of alexa toolbar

Installing alexa toolbar in your browser is directly improving alexa ranking. And you should also ask your daily, regular visitors to install alexa tool bar in their browsers. This is really must use tip for every blogger. Because when ever you open your blog, alexa checks the status of the blog each time. Which means traffic is checking your alexa rank regularly.

2. Go for alexa rank and traffic widgets in your blog

Displaying alexa ranking widget in your blog is also considered to be important tip to improve your alexa ranking quickly. You can’t spend all the time to check ranking status of your blog / website in alexa. Let you give it your visitors and they do it for you

3. Regular content updating

This is a big big drawback if you are still perfect with the above two and not with this. Regular content updation is must and it is also loved by google bolts. So, always try to update your content regularly which is unique and quality content. Updating your content regular also makes blog visibility to top positions. This helps in improving traffic means improving your alexa rank.

4. Go for guest posting

Earning backlinks from guest postings are considered to be roots and stem of backlinks. As both are perfect then tree would be always strong. So, developing links from guest posts are strong enough that would surely improve your blogs page rank and alexa rank. When both improves why not search visibility? Hmmm….More Site Links == More Search Visibility == more traffic ultimately leads to success in blogging.

5. Last but not least regarding blog commenting

You make a schedule to go temple. And you make to schedule to have shopping. And it is also must to spend daily time on other blogs related to your niche and make sure to developing linking. It also helps to gain traffic to your blog. So also go this. Don’t waste your time to comment on nofollow blogs find dofollow blogs.  And I don’t know what you are still looking for …? Just start commenting right now from here.


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