5 Things Every Teen Should Know About Drinking


Teens are the easier target for every illegal activity because they don’t have prior experience about a long list of products of things and they also go experimenting easily.

Drinking is one such habit which is getting into every next teen’s lifestyle these days. Drinking is not at all bad if it’s done socially and in limits. Even doctors recommend 2 packs to drink as they can help you keep fit and fine but any quantity more than 2 packs are not at all admirable particularly when you’re a teen.


It’s very common these days that school or college students party on weekends or on special occasions like birthday, etc. Wines or Beers are part of more than 70% of these weekend parties. If you haven’t started drinking yet then you’ll start drinking after being part of any such party.

I’m not going to judge whether drinking is good or bad because this thing has got both factors ongoing simultaneously. I’m just writing down 5 things every teen should know about drinking so to be on the safe side.

Going Limitless

This I’ve seen with many teens that they go limitless and find it very experimenting. They are experimenting alcohol on their body that how much they can grab.

But this thing can lead you in some serious trouble. Alcohol takes on mind after two little packs. If you’re keeping it limited to two packs then that will be good for your health and social friends as well but if you going limitless then you don’t care about your friends, family and about yourself.

Trying to Prove Yourself

Don’t start drinking just to prove yourself. If you want to drink on your own for enjoyment then start that otherwise keep a long distance between it. You’ll be happy, healthier and socially accepted everywhere if you stay away from drinking habit.

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Don’t let it Become Habit

World is burning due to alcohol. Alcohol has been among the most severe problem for any society and still it’s not being stopped because of its high demand.

If you too drinking it then make sure that it doesn’t become a habit. Drinking will be fine till you keep it away from becoming a habit.

Eat while You Drink

This is a common mistake which most of the teen does i.e. they don’t eat anything while or after drinking. This is where their body is going to suffer.

Make it a habit of eating anything you like while drinking. This decreases the negative effects of alcohol on your body and mind.

Don’t Lose Your Mind

Make sure alcohol doesn’t ride your mind otherwise you’ll be in serious troubles. Always try to be in limit so that your mind is the controller of your body.


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