5 Things To Look Before Accepting Guest Posts


Guest blog post has tremendous importance owing to the fact that it gives requite value to your blog. It is an exercise of generating new audience, connections along with better content. Hence, in order to ensure the same, you need be familiar with the 5 steps to look for before accepting guest posts

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Make sure that the content is Plagiarism free

Duplicate content is a big NO for the search engine and the recent Panda update has further made it next to impossible for those with evil intentions of looking towards stealing the content. Therefore, in order to be at a safer side, you need to be sure that the content is free from any sort of duplicity. There is no dearth of devices which can help you towards making sure about the same too. Duplicate content is like a termite which will slowly make your website hollow by minimizing its relevancy.

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Guest post needs to be relevant to the niche of your blog

Your motto as a blogger is to provide highly sophisticated information. You shouldn’t make any mistake of accepting guest post which is not related with blog’s niche as it will dissuade the readers. Proof read the article by sticking to various minute aspects in the form of name, titles and of course the content as a whole.

Make no mistake of interlinking guest post with published content of yours

Your main motto is to maintain the interest of your readers as much as you possibly can. Therefore, as you are linking your new posts with the old ones, you will do your bit towards enhancing the curiosity of readers by equally registering an increase in the page views as well. You will check on the problem of bounce rate too. Thus, it will push your blog quite high in search engine results like never before. Do keep a check on the number of interlinks as excessiveness of any thing is bad. Therefore, care for the same.

Make the best use of interesting images towards attracting readers

According to a saying, “Pictures speak more than words” and the same holds true in the context of blogging as well. Images enhance the attention of readers and it is advisable that you make the best use of them towards enhancing the glory of your blog too.

Blog should be easily read

If you want your blog to register the biggest ever popularity, then you need to make sure that it is easily read by one and all. Meta Tags can work wonders on this front. Make sure that the title tags should focus on the keywords. Since, it speeds up the functioning of Google towards indexing the post of yours. It is imperative for the description tags to be innovative, interesting as well as creative. There should be sufficient information which is provided to the potential visitors about the website. You cannot overlook the importance of the keywords as far as URLs posts are concerned. It is advisable to use short URLs as it looks to be more presentable.


Finally, aforesaid are the 5 steps to look for before accepting guest posts. It will help towards maintaining much needed quality of the blog without letting you compromise on any thing as well. Great, isn’t it?


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