5 Top Most antiviruses for a Mac


According to the Mac users, third-party antivirus recovery software isn’t essential on OS X. As the basic design of OS X is strong, Macs can defend the malicious threats. Generally the software package of antivirus developed in a different manner to identify and eliminate computer viruses and other virus related software. Lots of antivirus scans have done through a proper schedule or on demand. Macs are always well protected against the security threats like harmful virus or malware. There are a few things which you can do to keep your Mac more protected without installing anything at all. The 5 best Mac antiviruses are as follows:

Topmost antiviruses for a Mac


Avast is one of the most renowned antivirus programs for Mac on the web. As Avast suggests some specific features, it has added an unlimited user base. You can’t find these features in the other free programs. Unlike other antiviruses, it only provides on access and on demand scans, along with a various Web security features and email scan, but never maintain scheduled scan.


ClamXav is separate from the other antiviruses, as it is not just a program itself; it is all about a graphical user interface for the open source ClamAV antivirus engine. The open source ClamAV antivirus engine is managed through command-line prompts. Still ClamXav’s blueprint is pretty stripped down and clear-cut. It has an identical functionality like the other paid antivirus apps. ClamXav can scan particular files or complete folders on schedule, on-demand, on access, and quarantine everything that’s suspicious. If you are in search of an antivirus program that has both gorgeous feature and lightweight, then you should absolutely try this one out.


It is not much dissimilar from Avira or Sophos antivirus, in accordance to the features. Like the other antiviruses, Comodo does all the similar tasks such as automatic updates for virus definitions, scheduled tasks and quarantining. The only variation is the appearance and texture of the program’s interface. Its interface will possibly be the maximum accessible and comfortable to figure out for tech-challenged handlers among all antiviruses. It highlights big, multi-coloured icons that create navigation a breeze, well- trademarked tabs for every function, and a slider for altering your level of protection. Comodo is good for them who might be stunned by too much buttons and icons.


As we stated earlier, Comodo, Avira and Sophos all are similar according to features. Sophos basically executes all the same functions like others and the only major dissimilarities between them are due to their user interfaces. It uses cocoa interface to appear and sense like a native Mac app.


The interface of Avira is also excellent like other antiviruses. It will keep your system neat and protected from the various security threats like harmful viruses or malware or Trojans. The special feature of Avira gives real time protection and anti-spyware. It is well known for its swift scan feature. It performs scanning in 2 ways such as a custom scan that scans the folders and files you select and a complete system scan which brush off your whole computer. It has also the modern features like quarantine and scheduling.

Hope this article will suggest you to pick a suitable antivirus for Mac.


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