5 Ways to Use Social Media for SEO Benefits


When Content is the king, what is the position of SEO ? Queen ? Well only the hard working bloggers and entrepreneurs know the exact position of SEO.

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The best five ways to use social media for SEO benefits are as follows

Indirect links and direct traffic for SEO

Most popular stories on the highest scale of social media sites can bring large amount of traffic which is useful to gain exposures. The largest SEO benefit is to increase indirect links. Most of the social media sites do not provide valuable links to publishers  for their references, it also help to improve rankings. Indirect links gain the huge exposures, even though the SEO has the largest amount of traffic.

Direct links

Some social media sites are imports to the direct SEO links. Few of the links take or do not take an articles and includes the no follow tags. Social media sites are frequently slow by search engines, it helps the index to find new pages quickly.In direct links most of the links do not take an articles and keywords. As there is no constant change in strategies.

Social media pages with high ranking

Social Media

SEO benefit of social media is that many social sites having high ranking potential. The pages on these sites are ranked for targeted keywords which leads to creation of multiple listing for a brand. It has a high domain authority as well. As the SEO is the process of visibility of websites and web pages is ranked through the search engines.

Integrity into search

Google and Bing are the most useful links to search and to incorporate other than plain links. For examples to search videos and images can be found in many keywords .  Recently Google and Bing have partnered with Facebook and Twitter to incorporate social reputations and to keep update of the results.By Utilizing social sites, companies are achieving higher exposures.  Facebook and Twitter are  very helpful, post or caption reach very quickly and it also spread  to thousands of people.

Social Networking factors in SEO

The biggest search engines that is Google , Yahoo, Bing  are the forms of advanced links and keywords to determined the rankings. As Google already have the social feature like Social search , Side wiki ,it is all about how people gather to interact with their favourite websites.


  • Active with social media doesn’t means researching keywords, optimizing page content and building links.
  • Creating new words  and their meanings like many of the users use the shortcuts words.
  • They should be constantly change according to the techniques and trends.
  • SEO is always links directly which leads to huge amount of traffic and also gain largest amount of exposures.
  • It is also integrated with Twitter and Facebook to post and to spread to thousands of people very quickly.
  • SEO is ranked highly because it has a high domain authority and it also creates multiple listing brands and trends.
  • Social media is one of the hotspots of today’s internet world and majority of traffic can be acquired through these sites for SEO benefits.


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