7 Easy ways that can boost your blog rank


Google Page Ranking is a kind of goodwill for a website. It signifies the popularity of a blog or website. Hence, if you are a blog owner, then Google Page rank will be bull’s eye for as enhance in Page rank will glorify your blog overall. People consider those blogs are to be trusted which get a high PR into the Google. High PR means high traffics and high traffic leads to high income from the blog. This is the simple monetization process of a blog. But, the million dollar question is how to enhance the PR or Page Rank for a blog?

In this article, we will try to find out an effective answer of the question. Actually, there are several ways t enhance the PR of the Google. Few take a long to be into the effect, and few work swiftly. Over here you will get to learn about 7 effective techniques, which can increase the Google PR for your site:

Include Main Keywords and related Keywords to Your Post

Keywords are important for any SEO campaign. Basically, these are the terms which people use for the purpose of website analysis and research. Whenever, you hit the search engines with some searches, you enter some keywords. Thus, without proper and effective keywords, your site will not get the desired visibility into the search engines. This will lead to traffic enhancing. Once you start to get traffics for your site, you will be able to get high Page rank in Google.

Posting Blogs Frequently

This is another important aspect to make a blog popular. Generally, people use different methods to increase blog traffics and also learn how to start a blog. But, this basic aspect is always helpful. Search engine like Google, likes blog which gets frequent posting. Thus, this will lead to a high PR in Google.

Building Back Links

Like, the normal site promotion, back link building is important for the blog promotion too. This will give you the desired result in a quick succession. Building quality back links is important though, for a fast PR enhancing. Use text links, image links and other kind of links to make your blog a grand success into the search engine’s list.

Social Bookmarking

Social booking marking is an effective strategy to attract loads of traffics towards the blog. More traffics means higher Page Rank in Google. This is as simple as that.

Getting Indexed

Getting indexed into the search engine’s list is very important. Indexing means, getting listed in the search lists of the search engines. Thus, clearly, no SEO campaign can take place without search engine listing.

Forum Links

Posting into the high PR forums, with your blog or posting by acquiring signature links is another effective blog promotion method. For best results, always go for high PR and do-follow forums.

Using Add-ons to the blog

If you are using WordPress as CMS for our blog, then you have the chances of using a lot of add-ons, which are generally recognized as SEO-friendly add-ons. These will definitely increase your Page Rank into the Google.

Hope you liked these seven general, but effective tips for blog promotion. For More about blogging visit: www.theblogtip.com