7 Essential things You Should Have In Your eCommerce Site


Whenever you are thinking to create an ecommerce website, it must be to create user-friendly and attractive site that converts your customers into clients. Webmasters, who are improving conversion to get direct result can able to offer excellent shopping experience to their clients. At the time of designing website, one should have to aware of comfortable design from shopper’s view point. It is advisable to give customer what they actually expect from your website. If you don’t get idea what points should you add in your ecommerce website, below you get information.


Pricing/shipping information should be cleared:

At the time of purchasing anything online, customers are firstly checking out pricing for products. Sometimes, they even comparing two products with specification, pricing and features, so it is must to avoid surprising in pricing or shipping factor and give clear idea to your customers. Moreover, if you are providing free shipping facility, it is must to specify ‘free shipping’. There are many companies, specifying shipping, warranty and servicing prices on products page.

Impressive Look:

Looks of website is much important, if we have to brand among the clients. Webmasters can easily enhance site’s “trustworthiness” by adding clean and professional website design. It would be beneficial to add store ratings, a mailing address, Security badges, etc. In addition, one should have to take care of avoiding expired SSL certificate warning messages as it scares your customers.

Clear Logo:

A remarkable logo available in your business cards enhances your brand among the people. There are many online shoppers, who only remember your business name through logo. Moreover, according to my view-point, logo is one of the most bolstering symbols and an element of trust of the company or organization, so it should be designed perfectly. Your logo should be attached on every page of the website.

High Resolution Images

The single most important visual element of your e-store is its Product images. No one is ready to purchase any product that doesn’t showcase proper images. Every online purchaser wants to know what they are getting from your site. Right now, the trend of ‘Zoomable’ products image is in demand and shoppers like to view image closely.


Call to Action Images

Most importantly, call to action images help a lot to enhance your sales. Do not any phrase, just add image of “click here”, “Buy”, “Grab it Now” to convert visitors into buyers. At the time of putting call to action image, ensure to decide proper space.

Add Latest News And Most Popular Products On The Homepage

Enhancing home page of the website is must to catch attention of the buyer. Ensure to add upcoming events and sales period in the home page so buyer takes interest in buying something from your website. Make easy way to find exclusive deals and hot prices. Allow your customers free shipping on their shopping.

Give Multiple Payment Options

Last but least, give multiple payment option to your customers while they are buying anything from your store. Many a time, customers have scared to share their credit card information on your site, so it would be beneficial to them to pay from another payment mode.

Above, I have listed 7 essential things that every customers Want in an eCommerce Site while buying any product/service form your website. it is not so easy to develop website perfectly, however we can enhance by adding some effective things that makes your website best. After all, it’s all about to make your customer happy. Still you have doubt?


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