8 Things to keep in mind when buying a domain


Looking to buy a domain? If yes then read the following article as it is going to assist you in the best way:-

Keep the domain simple

You need to avoid complications by selecting a domain without homophones, double letters and numbers. After all, it is quite easy to remember a straightforward domain since it enhances the recognition of the brand. Hence, common words are best to be used. If you are doing a commercial business, then use the name of your site

Select a domain with does not demand any recognition

It is important to make a choice of the domain which on pronunciation does not require any explanation. Hence, check it by spelling it in a loud manner so that even if you have to tell in a noisy bar or over the phone, you do not have to explain in any manner

Avoid using digit numerals or numbers

If in case your domain consists of “for” or “to”, you should avoid using “4” or “2”. For eg, if you use danc2live.com, it will only create inconvenience to you by making you harder to remember.

Make a selection of a reliable domain registrar


It is imperative for you to choose a domain name registrar who is a reputed and an esteemed one. Increasing numbers of users go with “godaddy.com” or “networksolutions.com”. After all, you will ensure a smooth and easy time for a long time as you get in touch with a domain registrar who is an authenticated one.


Find a domain as soon as it is possible

As you come across with a good name of the domain, there is a greater degree of chance, that some one else might also be thinking about the same. Hence, instead of wasting the time, grab the domain before it is too late for you.

Don’t give the luxury to others of purchasing your domain

If incase some one else has purchased the domain on your behalf, then the other person might force you to pay hefty amount of money for letting you buy your “own” domain name. Hence, always buy the one yourself in order to avoid any sort of inconvenience or problems.

Avoid copyright infringement

It is always better to stay away from the brand related keywords such as “microsoftproductsreview.com” or “facebookhelper.com”. It is to be noted that of late, Facebook is indeed suing companies of using “face” or “book” in their domain names. Hence, in order to be at a safer side, visit “copyright.gov’ and check whether you are infringing anyone’s copyright or not.

Buy Your Domain for 10 Years

Increasing numbers of major search engines are closely eyeing for the length of the time your domain has been up. After all, sites that are registered for more than a year have far less chance of turning out to be a spammer. Therefore, it stands out to be quite trustworthy in the eyes of Google as well.


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