A Beginner’s Guide to Make Money with Squidoo Lenses


Are you a Blogger or willing to make money online? Have you heard about Squidoo before? If not! You are missing a great source to make money online. Yeah! Squidoo is one of most popular web 2.0 site. Many of us visited it several times but hardly only few people researched about the potential of the site.

This site can help you to earn a handsome income that too for a long term. You must have visited many sites and dug up many articles regarding it but here I will tell you the never revealed tricks and concept of making online money from Squidoo Lenses. Read down –


So, before we start lets know about the whole concept and working methods on Squidoo. Squidoo is a web 2.0 website, means it allows you to create and upload your content regarding any topic here that too for free. One difference we call that “content”, but Squidoo call it “Lens”. Yeah! It means you will be creating lenses over here and it will help you to build a huge network of readers and authors.

How it Work?

As I said you will be creating lenses and building a network. You will be updating your lens and the other viewers will read them. “More lenses, more money”. Simply, the more you work the more you get. You can earn in $$$$/month with a single lens too. All matters is your content and the quality which attracts the reader.

Why  Squidoo?

You must be wondering why only Squidoo over hundreds of web 2.0 sites. The main reason is Goolge. Yeah! Google has been always a mystery for us, its algorithms and updates are never known. Lets consider you worked hard over your blog and sudden a Google algo thrashed your traffic down to hell. It may happen and happened too with many big blogs over the internet.

Make Money with Squidoo Lenses
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So, with a great alexa of approx 400 and even the Page Rank of  7 Squidoo is already a authorised and free from all updates. Why take chances when it offers you the same you do in your blog or website that too for free without the hassels of hostings and domains and the best and tough thing that is SEO. So you can cosider it as a safest place for business.

How to Proceed?

Nothing changes much here, start looking for a profitable keyword and keep writing. Like the last time I submitted a article over there on windows 8.1 download and it ranked well there. But creating a Lens and writing a post over blog are so different. Its a totally new platform indulged with so many new features and supportable codes of adsense and amazon affiliates. But that doesn’t create a big hype because after creating some 3-4 lenses you will be pro to play with this dashboard too like you did earlier in other platforms. Stil, you feel it tough you can simply order the same services over fiverr and get it done at just $5. You can also add backlinks on your post to get a good rank and even one way to get easy money is selling backlinks on your top updated lens.

Use some following tips to create a worthy lens – .

  • Concentrate on quality over money first, money will come later on way.
  • Create a informative lens explaining all the pros and cons of product.
  • Always post original contents.
  • The lens must be categorized well under the various options available on Squidoo.

So, There were some tips over how to make money from squidoo. Do let us know if you have any doubt.


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