Best Alternatives to Google Play Store


The app market which was launched with the Android operating systems is now known as the Play store or Google Play store. There are about 70k apps available on the Google Play store which can be downloaded and used on Android smartphones and tablets.

Google Play store comes preloaded in every new Android smartphone or tablet through which users can download and install any of the available and compatible app.

But Google Play isn’t the single app market for Android smartphones and tablets. There are many other alternatives available to Google Play store from where users can download and install apps.

Why you should use Google Play store?

Before using the Google Play store alternatives you need to look out the reasons why you should switch to only Google Play store for downloading Android apps.

  1. Apps available at the Google Play store are somehow under control of Google though the apps don’t need approval before going live but still they need to follow lots of quality terms and conditions.
  2. The chances of getting malwares and other infection files within the apps are very rare in the GooglePlay store since the apps needs to be according to the quality terms and conditions.
  3. Google Play comes installed on every Android smartphone or tablet and you don’t need to download it for its use.
  4. The user interface of the Google Play store is the best than any other app market. Using it is very simple and it looks elegant as well.
  5. Before downloading any app you can go through the reviews and ratings an app receives from all previous users of that particular app. Since Google Play is the by default app market so it have maximum number of reviews on each of its apps.

So these were the few reasons why you should not switch to any other app store. The main fear or problem with other app store is the chances of getting malware or any other infection files. Once an infection is there in your device then it can hurt it badly and can even spy on your personal usage.

Still you don’t care of going for some other alternatives to Google Play store then here I’m including the best known and popular alternatives to Google Play store.

Amazon Appstore for Android

Best Alternatives to GooglePlay Store

This is the most recommended alternative to Google Play store since it is managed by Amazon. Most of the apps available at the Google Play store are also there in the Amazon Appstore but you can find some unique apps as well. Another reason to use this app store is that you’ll find the cost of few apps cheaper than Google Play store.


This is the second most recommended alternative to Google Play store. It scans every app before getting downloaded on your device.


GetJar is known from years for its quality apps and it holds lots of Android apps as well.

Other two alternatives to Google Play store are,

  1. Appoke

Tablified Market


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