Best Anti Virus App for Android Devices: TrustGo Antivirus and Mobile Security


TrustGo Antivirus and Mobile Security app has become a very much essential security app for ALL Android users. It is simple, but magnificent in protecting your device from malware and leaves less impact on your device.

For protection and backup of data, you need to create a free TrustGo account. Tap on the 3-dotted bar on the right corner of the UI, it’s the ActionBar Menupoint and then tap on Settings to make changes to the parameters of the app.

Best Anti-Virus App for Android Devices


You can update the virus database using the About dialog, but in the Settings Menu, you can alter the real-time scanning, scheduled scans and SD Card scanning in the Security Scanner option. Other changes can be carried out in the System Manager, Secure Web Browsing, Data Back-up, Device Protection, Notification and Search History.

Security Tab

TrustGo’s user interface comprises of tabs, namely, Security and App Manager. The key feature of TrustGo is the Security tab as it consists of the main elements such as Security Scanner which scans and eradicated all malware completely. There is System Manager that protects RAM and monitors battery and data usage.

The two left ones are the Privacy Guard and the Data Backup. The former keeps an account of the permissions received by your apps while the latter grants facilities to restore and backup certain stuff.

App Manager

The second tab, called the App Manager has two key things, firstly, Hot Apps and the second being My Apps. Hot Apps packs all the sponsored links to 3rd party applications while My Apps displays basic details of the apps you have installed on your device, like, name, version, size, etc. With this, you can lodge a complaint to TrustGo about the uncertainty of a particular app.


TrustGo in all total, is a Device Administrator continuing its anti-theft function till you uninstall it entering the TrustGo password. Your device has to be located successfully by the Find My Phone tool in order to send the commands. However, the features such as lock, alarm and wipe command function instantly. Unlike Avast, Lookout and Sophos, this antivirus detects each and every malware.

It has Secure App Finder Engine which gives you an alert of the apps that are not safe. Its Secure Web Surfing feature filters the malwares when you visit a malicious webpage. During its functioning, the amount of usage goes up to 12MB and while its idle, it stays consuming 4 to 7 MB.


TrustGo, when compared with other apps such as Avast, it seems like the former is much advanced and skillful. It functions like an expert with its enhanced functionalities. Its interface is simple and user-friendly allowing users to easily navigate and make proper use of the app.


Once you get TrustGo for your Android device, you will notice how much the app cares of your phone. This app is highly recommended and used by a number of Android users.



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