Best Antivirus for Sony Xperia Devices


If you ask to name one best Android smartphone series out there in the market, then probably Samsung Galaxy series and Sony Xperia series both will win by a tie. There are many smartphone manufacturers out there but smart devices from these two manufacturers are the ones who rule the market! Xperia devices are Sony’s smart device range for smartphones and tablets and there have been pretty much a big number of devices in the market since 2009. All of these smartphones were able to win enthusiast minds, and also general consumers. These phones are fast, user friendly, easy to use and priced reasonably. If you are an Android fan and have used plenty of smartphones, then you may have also used an Xperia device.

Now talking about security, Android is a platform where malicious and harmful software can grow. So you need an antivirus app to prevent that from happening. Since this is a smart handheld device that runs on a different platform than PC or Mac, you can’t get that exactly same software. No worries, there are software for Android platform that you can rely on. Let’s have a look at those.

Best antivirus for sony xperia


This antivirus is being used by the users like legend. And using Avast! on your Xperia device will save you from using individual software for anti-theft, mobile tracking, remote data track, and antivirus. You will get everything in one! And the feature in this app is just what you need.

Once installed, you will be asked to provide a PIN which will be registered with your current SIM card and two other numbers. If you ever change your SIM and fail to enter the correct PIN, the number of that SIM card will be sent to those two numbers you provide. So technically, you can find out if your phone is stolen and who is using your phone. You can remotely wipe, lock, block your phone by sending SMS, track your phone on a map logging into your Avast account. Also, you can block unwanted USSDs using the built in blocker.

For rooted devices, Avast offers a firewall. Also, some extended features require a rooted phone.


Kaspersky hasn’t been in the market for long but they already have become one most selling antivirus apps in the market. The Kaspersky Mobile Security Lite is the free version of their full Mobile Security app. If you want uninterrupted security, we suggest you get the paid version.

Like the Avast, you will need a security code in this device as well. The new apps you installed will automatically be scanned but unfortunately there’s nothing like this for the existing apps.

The free version is actually a demo. Better get the paid version.

Lookout Security and Antivirus

Looking for something different? Get Lookout, it’s one of the very bests! In this software the basic security features are free but if you are looking for every feature they offer, you are going to need the paid version which costs $2.99 per month. Might sound costly but the money is actually worth it! Your phone will be safe, and you will get added advantages in case you lose your phone or it gets stolen. Lookout has a real time shield for your apps.

A useful feature it has is Signal Flare, the app saves the device location if it runs out of battery and switches off automatically.

To use this app, you need to download it on your phone and sign up with It’s surprisingly too easy to proceed with!

Which one of these three are you getting for your Xperia device?


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