Best Antivirus for your Business on 2013


So, computers are vulnerable to threats. It is a universal truth like the earth turns around the sun; and all your information on your computer might get stolen or affected if you do not take proper care of it. To protect your valuables, what you have to do is – protect them with proper tools which are antivirus software in this case. For business, the requirement for protection is even much more because there are important data you can’t risk to lose. Once you lose your business secrets, you might lose your whole business as well! So, investment in good antivirus is always considered a good investment in business as well. Which should be your best antivirus for business in 2013?

We are finding it out here.

Top antivirus for your business

Norton Antivirus 2013

Norton is a renowned antivirus for a real more time, they have been protecting computers for decades and it’s always a personal preference of mine if you wish to pay for your antivirus service. Symantec has done a great job creating this antivirus software and improving it every moment they could; and this scored the highest on PCMag’s lab tests and editors’ choice as well. Even, some other independent labs scored this product higher than the others; it’s highly effective cleaning viruses, wiping and malwares and everything else it is designed for. Only con? PCMag scored it too low.

This antivirus sells for $39.99 in stores.

McAfee Antivirus Plus 2013

When you talk about antiviruses, there is one certain name you can’t just ignore. McAfee has been a long favorite to the consumers when it comes to dependable antivirus software. Although this software is not the best scoring one in different individual reviews and lab tests, but for the small business users it’s decent enough to use. The new 2013 is extremely touch friendly which makes it even easier to use on Windows 8. There’s a firewall included which will cause you no trouble, just launch it and stay safe. The tool SiteAdvisor is currently the best anti phishing tool available ever! You can clean your useless files within seconds, also you can scan your system for vulnerability. The installation on infected PCs is a little slower, that’s a con of course.

This antivirus software sells for $49.99.

Avast! Antivirus 8

So if you are looking for best solution in low or even no price; then no choice could get better than Avast! antivirus. You have the freedom to choose the free or paid version, and of course you get increased versatility with the paid version but the free version could come to your use as well. It scans for malwares during boot, fixes vulnerabilities and stuff. Although takes time to install in infected systems, but you can let it go. Perfect for small businesses, you can even use it in larger industries – the paid version of course.

AVG Antivirus Free 2013

Another best product is the AVG free antivirus. This product might be free but in no way less effective than a full-fledged antivirus. If you own a small business and don’t want to spend a lot after computer security, then this might be your pick for your business. In terms of blocking malwares, it scores as higher as the paid products. It’s good!

So these were our picks for your business, the best antivirus of 2013 for businesses. How do you like them? Let us know.


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