Best Antivirus Software for Blackberry Devices


Even before the first iPhone hit the market, Blackberry phones occupied the honor of smartphones in the market. And then iPhone came out in the market and took all the smartphone shares from every other company. That couldn’t actually stop other manufacturers from not making smartphones or not reoccupying the market again, as we can see now how the Android and Windows smartphone are now outrunning iOS in every aspect and iOS is filling that gap again. This is indeed a crazy game which might never ever stop, but that’s not our discussion today. We are here for the security of one of these smartphone platforms, which is BlackBerry from RIM. Like any computing devices, BlackBerry phones are sort of a computer too, and it can be threatened by security risks. Previously, these were serious stuff as there weren’t much security options available for portable devices but now; almost all big software companies and antivirus manufacturers have come with their own antivirus products. In this article, we are going to discuss best antivirus software for blackberry devices.

NQ Antivirus Free

Lookout Free Antivirus

Blackberry devices are actually safer than any other smartphones and less vulnerable to theft because they store their customers’ data on their enterprise server. But still a antivirus software might be required, and currently the best antivirus software for all blackberry devices is Lookout free antivirus. It’s multi in one because it provides an antivirus, remote backup and some other security applications for blackberry devices. Setting up the application is pretty simple, all you have to do is sign up at their website and then you are good to go.

Once you set up the application in your blackberry device, the app will ask you the credentials that you have got when signing up on their website. Then you will come to see their options, select antivirus if you want protection on your phone, you will also see a data backup option, which itself speaks out the function.

You can even find your missing BlackBerry device using this software. Lookout is also available in the Android and iOS platforms and the phone locating function works out the same way. Say you have misplaced your BlackBerry device, just head for the website and log in to Missing Device link. You get the option to make your device scream, or maybe even nuke?

It can even locate your phone on a map if you lose your phone or it gets stolen. Although it doesn’t always work, but well it’s pretty useful if your phone fall in good hands.


NQ Antivirus Free

It’s antivirus software that received moderate review from the BlackBerry World users and the Hajis get this software for free; so that you don’t lose your phone in the crowd.

There are different security features offered in one single platform, they are antivirus, security and privacy protection etc. Say goodbye to hackers, they hopefully won’t be able to get into your phone to steal your personal data if you execute this software properly. This software also provides the option to find misplaced or stolen phone. Although these functions are not much practical, but it’s good to have.

These two were two best or nearly best antivirus app for BlackBerry. Let us know if you like these two apps.


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