Best games for Xbox 360 for kids


Games for kids are in itself a big challenge to anyone. You need to be precise and clever in making such choice. We have many kid’s games in the market which are inappropriate to the growing kids in many aspects, such as violence and hatred. One should be very careful in deciding what game they should buy for kids to help them in their full body and mind growth and development while playing. Xbox 360 has many such educational as well as learning games for the kids. Here are some of such game’s examples:

1) Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure:
Best games for Xbox 360 for kids

It combines a video game and an awesome toy line to create one of the amazing hottest collectible brands. This game contains a pedestal in it which is small in size. It combines or plugs into the Xbox 360. The character will automatically pop-up, as soon as we place any one of the skylander toys on pedestal. Based on simple yet effective concept, this is one of the coolest games for Xbox. The High Quality of the toys makes this game lovable for every kid.

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2) Just dance 4:


Following its prequel, World’s #1 dancing game has come up with, justdance4 which is another step in revolution of the dancing games for Xbox 360. Full body motion trackers in kinetic helps to dance off a wide range of steps even more realistically and well choreographed. This game does not try to ‘teach’  steps or copy the dance masters steps, but in turn it enable kids to enjoy the dance steps that they can show off  anywhere, and  That’s the fun part of it. A new range of hot songs have been introduced in it to make battle mode more interesting. Four dancing players can have fun at a time on this game. Simple and more fun steps have been introduced for making Kid’s experience more enjoyable.  Overall, it’s the best dancing game to have some real good time with friends.

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3) Udraw Game Tablet:


Drawing is one of the most favorite hobbies of kids. Keeping their interest of playing with colors in mind, Udraw Game tablet is a touch tablet with highly sensitive screen which let kids to draw, play and enhance their imagination on Xbox 360. It’s quite simple to use with wonderful features like paint, stamp, calligraphy, zoom.

Most advanced version of tablets is announced to be launch with more sleek design and wireless connectivity. Overall, this is a great game tablet for kids and at the same time pocket friendly for parents.

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4) Disneyland Adventures:


Disneyland is not a new word for kids. They go crazy for it and watching and playing with their characters is the supreme joy of a child. This game can take kids to Disneyland whenever they want on Xbox 360 with lifelike experiences. This game consists of a voyage to Disneyland exploring wonderful adventures on the way. Eliminating use of controller, this game lets to intact with our beloved Disney characters with full body and voice control. You can also take photos with your family and friends and at any instant during the adventure. Overall, this is a great platform for kids to live the magic of Disneyland in their own home.

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5) Marvel Avengers:


Kids just love Superheroes! This game is made keeping that choice of children in mind. With upto 20 Superhero and villain characters including Iron man, Hulk, Thor, Captain America; kids can play this game with upto four players. The plot is based on the saving of the Planet earth from some aliens. Different Body movements like punch, dodge and kick can get you through 200 challenges. Unlock special powers and complete with friends to make top in score board in different modes such as, Arcade, Coop, and Campaign and versus. Overall, this game is the best fun for kids to feel some adrenaline rush.

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These were few of the Best Xbox games for kids for their physical, mental and intellectual growth on the price of their smile and happiness. Views and experiences are warmly welcomed in comment box.


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