Best Gifts for Shift Work Nurses This Holiday Season


Looking for that perfect gift for the hard-working nurse in your life? Sometimes the Christmas list seems endless, and finding an ideal gift can be daunting. Everyone has different needs and wants, but it is important to put some thought into that package that will be opened come this Christmas!



Shift nurses work insane schedules. Most of us couldn’t even imagine working through the night for 12+ hours attending to the needs of others. A coffee mug filled with his/her favorite beans could be just what you are looking for. Perhaps a Starbucks gift card is more fitting? Either way, coffee just may do the trick for the shift-nurse in your life.

Gift Cards

Everyone loves a gift card. Why not grab a gift card to his/her favorite local café near their place of work. That way they can grab a bite next time they forget to bring dinner for that endless shift.

Cozy Winter Hat

Shift nurses are often walking through parking garages and lot late in the evening and into the darkness of night. Depending on where you live, it can get truly chilly, and it is always nice to have a comfy hat to don on one’s way to and from work.

Replacement Scrubs

Knowing that a nurse goes through their equipment rather quickly, getting him or her some high quality nursing scrubs or any other brand of nursing clothing can be a wonderful gift. There are numerous stores in your local shopping mall or online that carry the right brands and sizes for him or her.


Who doesn’t like a smooth, milky chocolate during a long night at work. Sometimes nurses need a little pick-me-up. Perhaps the nurse you are buying for has children, or other obligation to attend to when he/she is not working. By the time they arrive and clock in they may have little energy left for their ever-important job. Chocolate has just a hint of caffeine and enough to give that nurse in your life an extra boost.

Fruit Arrangement

Floral arrangements are always a classic choice. Today, we also have options that you can eat! Chocolate dipped strawberries, fruit arrangements and other creative options are available.


Even though nurses may not get to slumber during the same hours that the rest of us do, they value their beauty rest as much as anyone. A pair of luxurious pajamas to keep them comfy during the time they do get to rest can make this rare time even more enjoyable. You can even buy them Cherokee scrubs or any other scrubs for a substitute.


Perhaps the nurse in your life is a wine connoisseur, or a craft beer expert? Order them a subscription to Food and Wine magazine and a membership into a beer or wine club.


Who doesn’t like to bite into a delicious brick of gourmet cheese? Even if the nurse in your life doesn’t like it, it is always great to have cheese on hand for entertaining purposes. You can order from the Wisconsin Cheese man; they’re different enough that most people will not have heard of them.

What an easy way to get a gift without ever having to make your way through a packed shopping mall. Cheese gifts typically have meat and crackers or even jam as well.

Don’t stress this holiday season. Take one of these suggestions, and finish up your holiday check list early.