Best Six software to recover deleted photo


Photo recovery and Mac data recovery software contribute to being amazing ways that are useful in undeleting the photos. There are several Mac data recovery software which is useful in getting back lost data in no time from Mac. There are a number of software that comes with immense capabilities for recovering deleted pictures in the Android phone. It is much difficult to decide which one is the most effective choice. Here is a list of the best five software in the market that are useful in recovering deleted photos:

EaseUS Photo Recovery

EaseUS Photo Recovery Software is beneficial for the recovery of lost, formatted and deleted digital photos, musical files, pictures from removal media, media format, etc. This contributes to being an effective data recovery software which works with different kinds of storage media or digital card reader which appears as the drive letter in the local system. The program is known to display files and images it finds and enables their recovery.


PhotoRec contributes to being a free photo recovery tool which can be availed in two versions, one of which runs in the command prompt whereas the other version is known to run on 64 bit Windows. It is recognized to be a signature based file recovery utility which supports more than 440 file formats such as MSOffice, JPG, Open Office documents. The application is preferable to users owing to safe recovery techniques. It will be checking accomplished partitions in safe mode without affecting file systems and partitions and searching for different missing files. PhotoRec primarily focuses on file formats during searching. It is essentially a powerful tool which assists you with a safe and quick recovery of data.

Pandora Recovery

Pandora Recovery counts to be freeware which is beneficial in scanning the accomplished computer disk and looking for all the deleted folders and files that are not overwritten yet. This tool is beneficial in supporting the recovery of different deleted files which are inclusive of songs, photos, documents, movies, etc. This tool is successful in restoring lost data in almost every case since the powerful scanning module is useful in finding different deleted and existing files, directories from the hard drive. The tool is beneficial in restoring the deleted files to user specified location. The tool however does not confer guaranteed recovery of the accidentally deleted date, in case there are traces of lost data, it should be capable of finding the same.


FAPR count to be freely available and efficient photo recovering software which is useful in recovering deleted files from hard drive of the computer as well as USB devices. This tool is beneficial in supporting photo recovery from different types of storage media such as Zip Disks, Sony memory sticks, flash cards, memory sticks, IBM Micro drive, Secure Digital Drive, Hard Disks, XD Cards, Mini Disks, SD Cards. It is developed with the aid of advanced file scanning mode which assists in retrieving lost or deleted file at ease. In addition to this, this tool enables the preview of recovered photo prior to complete recovery.

Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery

Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery is recognized to be highly trusted as well as recommended photo recovery software. It is useful in recovering deleted and lost photo in addition to video and music files from formatted or corrupt hard drives, external storage devices, memory cards, etc. This is easy to use tool which is really effective in recovering deleted multimedia files in a smart way and saving each of them in an individual manner with the original file names. This too is useful in scanning storage devices having more than 2TB storage capacity.

Undelete 360

Undelete 360 is recognized to be a powerful freeware which supports different deleted photos from USB drives, computer hard drives, digital cameras, floppies, etc. This is an efficient tool which enables the recovery of deleted files from recycle bin as well as lost files owing to the hardware of software failure, virus infection, unexpected shut down of the system, hard drive corruption. Though this utility does not guarantee recovery, it is capable of recovering deleted data that has been deleted recently or accidentally.


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