Best WordPress Plugins for SEO


SEO is the biggest source for you if you really want to succeed as a blogger. Google being the biggest giant in the world of search engines is the best place to share your valuable content with the world, every blogger including me and you targets Google. Now we all know that there is a tremendous amount of competition for getting our articles indexed on first page of Google, a person who succeeds in doing so gets huge amount of traffic to his website and the person who doesn’t fails as a blogger, because no one even makes an effort to jump to the second page of Google.

Over the time, Stats have shown that around 48% of the website’s which get there articles indexed on the first page are on WordPress. So wordpress is on the best blogging platform, until you are aware that what all things and plugins are essential to get your articles indexed on the first page. Till now if you are not aware that which all wordpress plugins are the best and essential for SEO, here is a complete list of Best WordPress Plugins for SEO.

List of Best WordPress Plugins for SEO:-

SEO Pressor

SEO Pressor is considered to be the best SEO plugin to optimize your each and every post to the best of its ability. Well if you have some amount of money in your pocket and planning to invest them in your Blog you should definitely buy this plugin, I have seen some of my fellow bloggers who think that they should invest in there Themes rather than investing in Pressor, well I consider this wrong, because a theme is not going to get you any kind of traffic from search engines.

 Best WordPress Plugins for SEO

Gathering traffic from the search engines should be of utmost importance for any blogger and for this SEO Pressor is the best. It gives you Thousands of options for SEO, provides you with suggestions which you should follow while writing the Posts.

SEO by Yoast

SEO by Yoast is the best free plugin available for SEO, gives you decent amount of features and suggestions. But has one drawback that it gets your articles indexed only on Google not on Bing and Yahoo. You need to optimize the keywords, use keywords which define your content well.

FV Simpler SEO pack

The developers of this plugin trust the people who believe that meta tags and meta description doesn’t really work these days for search engines. So this plugin is designed in such a way it removes all the unwanted features from the previous SEO plugins. It just simplifies your work by less and easy to operate features, don’t think that if this plugin has less features on offer it will not get your articles indexed, trust me I have worked with this plugin and it is really very powerful SEO plugin and will get the work done for you.

All in One SEO Pack

This is the most trusted SEO plugin and being used by most of the bloggers. The developers of this Plugin update this plugin really fast and add new and useful features to it every time you receive an update. The best thing about using this plugin is that it gets your content indexed on all the search engines including Google.

Scribe SEO plugin

The best thing of this plugin is that it is compatible with all above mentioned SEO plugins which gives you great options to choose from
Scribe SEO
Scribe gives you step by step page optimization and tips to write down your content in a more SEO friendly way.

SEO Friendly Images

This Plugin is Compatible with all other content SEO plugins. SEO Friendly images plugin is a must have plugin. Gives you keyword optimizing options in the media screen where you can enter keywords as soon as you upload any image. SEO optimized images are also a great source on organic traffic.

XML- Sitemap

XML sitemap plugin provides search engines a better way to track and crawl your website; it is also considered that once you have generated and submitted your sitemap to the search engines you are already half way done with your SEO, So this is also a really essential plugin for your wordpress blog.

So these were the best WordPress plugins for SEO which you should use in order to get your articles indexed.


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