Commercial Espresso Machines: La Pavoni BAR-STAR 2V-R


The espresso machine was first invented by an Italian Mechanic, Luigi Bezzera, in 1901. After 4 years, in the year 1905, Bezzera sold the patent for espresso machine to Mr. Desiderio Pavoni. It was then he started manufacturing the espresso machine commercially to be sold in his small home-town in Milan. And as they widely say – REST IS HISTORY. This is the reason why they always say La Pavoni is the only espresso machine manufacturer in the whole world.


The Good: The latest addition to the La Pavoni family takes us back to the old classics from the espresso giants. The machine can be easily programmed into different modules. The machine is fitted with a 14L Copper Boiler, a specific hot water button, an energy saving switch, cup warming tray, microprocessor control board, a set of 2 steam wands and a 12L water softener.

The Bad: Although the machine makes the best espresso shot we have tasted in a while, there still a few cons to machine. The round body shaped espresso machine allows us to easily lean the machine from outside. It is almost as simple as wiping a cloth on the machine. But this same round body design provides a few hindrances when you want to clean the machine from inside. The parts are not easily removable or for that matter, not even reachable. Also the on/off button prevents us to clean some part of the device.

The Bottom Line: The Bar-Star 2V-R takes us back to the classic days of round body machines. Made in red, the machine is very artistically designed to easily gather the attentions of people around the globe.

The La Pavoni BAR-STAR 2V-R Espresso Machine Review

The La Pavoni Bar-Star 2V-R is a fully automatic commercial espresso machine. It is an updated redesigned version of the original classic La Pavoni Bar V2 espresso machine. The espresso machine includes a plethora of features which you won’t easily find in many other espresso machines in the same price range. Some of these features are:

  • Copper Boiler with 14L capacity: The Bar-Star contains a 14L copper boiler which is large enough to heat water which is large enough to make around 70-80 cups of coffee in a single use.
  • Programmable Dosing: The feature which impressed me the most was the programmable dosing. It allows you to program upto 4 different dose for your espresso shot to be used later on.
  • Cup warming Tray: The cup warming tray is a useful feature which allows us to keep the espresso hot even after 2-3 minutes of serve. It uses the excess heat from the boiler to keep your cup warm.
  • Microprocessor Control Board: The microprocessor control is brilliantly designed so as to reduce the pressure on the machine. It is very easy to use and operate even by novice coffee maker which is an added bonus for us.
  • Dedicated Hot Water Button: One of the biggest drawbacks of the old espresso machines was that to extract hot water from the machine, you had to turn the old key which was always not possible due to the location of the key. The bar-star has replaced the turning key with a dedicated hot water button which gives you hot water as soon as you press the button.
  • Dual Steam wands: The machine is also fitted with 2 steam wands. It allows the milk to blend perfectly with hot water for your espresso shot. Also the 12L softener is an added bonus as it helps in softening the harness of the water used.

The Final Say

The Bar-Star 2V-R commercial espresso machine took the world by storm when it was released recently. The makers did the impossible upgrading an already perfect first version of the bar-star. The espresso machine is power packed with numerous features and is an absolute owner’s delight. Yes, the machine is hard to clean due to the round body nature but the taste and the quality of the drink in your cup makes you forget everything and we guess, that’s the only thing that matters to us.

It is one of the best commercial espresso machines available on the market today and if you love your espresso shot as much as we do, this machine is not the one to be missed out on trying.