Comparison between MT6589, MT6589M and MT6589T MediaTek Chipsets


Unlike the old days, processors are getting cheaper nowadays, without compromising the quality, which in-turn lets users to get Smartphones and devices for a comparatively lesser price. Several companies are there, who stuff many features in their chipsets along with attractive features. Even International Smartphone manufacturers are using these kinds of processors to power their devices. MediaTek, the Taiwanese Chip Manufacturer is a typical example for such company. The company was powering the Chinese Smartphone market first but now they have expanded themselves to many parts of Asia by collaborating with famous manufacturers in order to deliver good devices. The partners include Giants like Samsung, Sony Mobiles and Micromax as well.

In 2013 and last of 2012, MediaTek has launched three of their chipsets, which are now used in various devices. Those chipsets are actually not three different ones but three variants of one chipset. These chipsets dubbed as MT6589, MT6589M and MT6589T are stuffed with some impressive specifications and features to attract even global manufacturers to it. Let us now have a look on these chipsets. The later versions were launched after the success of MT6589. Anyway, let us have a small comparison between these chipsets.


Comparison between MT6589, MT6589M and MT6589T MediaTek Chipsets

MediaTek MT6589

This SoC (System on a Chip) was launched back in 2012 December. The chipset got a good response from Tech world and Smartphone manufacturers in a minor time-period. MT6589 is world’s first Quad Core 1.2 GHz SoC based on Cortex A7. Company offered this chipset commercially for powering both high-end and low-end Smartphones & Tablet PCs running on Android OS. The chipset integrates Cortex-A7 CPU and PowerVR Series5XT GPU of Imagination Technologies.

MediaTek claims that the chipset is much power-efficient and is done in 28nm process technology in order to create a powerful performance. Some innovative features like Dual SIM and Dual SIM-Active are coming with the chipset and offers simultaneous call receiving and making in both SIM cards. The chipset is capable of sporting a 13 MP Rear camera along with 1080p playback. Full HD LCD support was also with the SoC along with standard connectivity combination providing Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS and FM Radio connectivity.

MediaTek MT6589M

You cannot find that much difference between MT6589 and MT6589M other than the less manufacturing costs. Sources claim that MT6589M can reduce the manufacturing costs by 15-20%. However, MT6589M is only offering 720p Video encoding capabilities and 8 MP Camera support, which is a bit low when compared to MT6589’s. While MT6589 boasts a 1080p, HD Display and a resolution of 1920*1080, MT6589M can withstand only a resolution of 960*540 via qHD Display.  The reason for both of these less features is the difference of GPU used in the chipset version.  Together we can call MT6589M as MT6589 Mini.

MediaTek MT6589T

This version dubbed as MT6589 Turbo is a typical duplicate copy of MT6589 except the running speeds of processor. MT6589T sports a 1.5 GHz CPU and 357 MHz GPU, which are larger when compared to former models. All other technical and connectivity features are same as MT6589 but the chipset could let Smartphones run faster when it is inserted. Simply MT6589T is a turbo-boosted version of MT6589.

MediaTek, as a famous chipset manufacturer, is running much fastly and several devices from famous manufacturers are out running on MediaTek chipsets. The company is having a very good financial statistics and hopes to be a true competitor to Qualcomm and other chipset manufacturers.


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