Cost of At Home Sperm Test vs. Doc. Appointment


When a couple is trying to conceive and one of them are infertile, the first thought that comes to people’s minds is that the woman is infertile. Whether it’s a just because we hear of it more often or maybe it is some kind of denial, whatever it is, it happens more often than not.


Little do people know, male infertility is slowly becoming more of a problem. In fact, one in five men are experiencing troubles with infertility now, and that number only seems to be getting larger.


The problems of male infertility can be narrowed down to several different factors, however there are only a couple of ways to determine whether or not you are actually infertile. The process is not only stressful on a marriage, but also demeaning. The virility of man is put to a challenge that determines the continuation of another generation of little Mr. or Ms. [insert last name here].

My newlywed sister and her husband recently had to experience this problem. For the longest time both thought that it was my sister that was infertile, however after a series of tests, doctors turned their attention towards my sister’s husband.


After the whole process, he confided to me about his experience and it is something that no man wants to repeat.

The tiny, white bathroom. The outside sounds echoing off the small walls only to come back into your head as a reverberating, eternal madness. The feeling of each individual bead of sweat move down and splotch the back of your shirt as you’re hunched over desperately gripping something that resembles a mushed banana in a feeble attempt to solve your marital problems.


After an extremely frustrating and embarrassing experience, he departed with his cup of man juice and slowly walked out of the doctors, with his head down and tail between his legs, as the rest of the men in the room moved nervously in sterile seats knowing they were that much closer to being next.


The results were unfavorable, and after hearing his story, I reached out to a couple of other friends and peers and found that they too had the same, horrific experience.


The story forever scarred me, and in turn, I decided to do some research. Besides improving your overall health to increase your chances of getting your little guys back in action, you can find your sperm count by doing your intimate little gesture in the comfort of your own home. The tests are cheaper than a doctor’s visit and serves as the initial reading, which is what most couples need anyway. After searching the web, I found a couple of the most well-known ones out there.


Sperm Check Fertility is a cheap ($39.99) and efficient way to give yourself a quick test to see if you are able to conceive. The test guarantees that their results are over 98% accurate, and you find in about 10 minutes. Simply do your business into a cup and collect your sample, putting it onto the testing device with the provided transfer device, and in 10 minutes you’ll know whether your sample is normal, low, or invalid. The test can only be used once so make sure you follow the instructions.

Trak Fertility

Founded in 2012 and FDA approved, Trak Fertility was set on designing an impeccably accurate sperm counting device. Chemically engineered, the device utilizes centrifugal force to spin a semen sample, which filters them through a nanoparticle feature, separating each sample into three categories: low, moderate, optimal. The more white that is in the column, the more you have.



The YO Sperm Test product/app uses your smartphone’s camera to visibly show you the amount of motile sperm you have. Simply obtain your sample, and prepare it by using a provided materials. Let the test run, and once it is completed, you can literally see your results. With two tests in one kit, at the cost of 50 dollars, and with a reading of 97% accuracy, the YO Sperm Test utilizes the most current technology with an innovative app/product combination.


If you do end up discovering that you have a low sperm count, not all is lost. Men can improve their sperm count simply by going to the gym more, cutting back on smoking and drinking, or eating healthier foods such as carrots and spinach.

In the end, after turning around some of his unhealthy habits, about a year and a half later they had their first child, and I got my first nephew.


The tests can shine light on your current situation, but there is still hope for couples out there still trying to conceive. All you have to do is keep a positive outlook and continue to keep trying. Be sure to do your research and save yourself a daunting doctor’s visit by trying one these at home sperm tests first. Good luck!


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