Decorate Accessories using Rhinestones This Holiday Season


You can spice up your wardrobe by using flat back rhinestones. Place these jewels on any article you wish including shoes, hats, jackets, shirts, and much more.

Obtain the look you want by applying stones with a strong adhesive and use of proper tools. By using these tools you can apply each rhinestone by hand with precision placement of each individual stone and have your wardrobe looking fashionable in no time.

Sneakers & Heels

Style your shoes in the most amazing way with Swarovski Crystals and make a style statement. Rhinestones shine and attract the attention. You need to make sure each crystal is carefully placed and glued with permanent adhesives.

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Wedding Bridal Brooch Bouquets

Shining brooches gives unique looks to your bouquet.  You can add personalized initials of bride and groom or heirloom pieces. Real flowers die so why not get a brooch bouquet that will be beautiful for the day of your wedding and years to come.

TheDecoKraft has the best collection of Brooch Bouquets and you can also select individual brooches to meet your needs.

Phone & Tablet Cases

Decorate your phone or tablets with rhinestone crystals. Add sparkle to your smartphone, digital camera, iPod and other gadgets with rhinestones. You can also choose the color of rhinestone or many various charms to customize it.  The fashionable design will display your phone or tablet beautifully. 

Bandings & Chains

Rhinestone bandings and chains are available in a variety of sizes and colors, with metal or plastic settings. Sometimes called rhinestones by the yard, rhinestone banding and chain are used on clothing and costume, as bridal bouquet wrap, and even to decorate wedding cakes.

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