Difference Between Android and Windows Phone


The obvious difference between a Windows mobile and an Android mobile is that a Windows phone uses the Windows OS and the world famous Android phone uses the leading Android OS.

The Android phone is currently a better choice as it has advanced features and is already being used by millions of people. At most, the difference is that two are the availability of apps. There are lot more apps that are made available for the Android OS than that are for Windows Phone. Android is an open source and that is used by all mobile manufacturers. There are currently 7 Android operating systems with Ice Cream Sandwich being the latest and currently waiting for the 8th version of android, Most app developers concentrate to create apps that work with all sort of Android phones.

Difference Between Android and Windows Phone

Windows Phone uses live tiles instead of using traditional icons that allow the user to find all their information at a same place. Apps are enlisted in order from the app screen and may be found by search or by alphabet or by scrolling. Enriched hardware is made for a very smooth and easy experience regardless to performance by manufacturer.

ANDROID allows the user for better features
WINDOW allows the user for better security


Beside IOS, Android and the windows OS are really good for the mobile and pc users, however, we have listed some factors that can differentiate android from the windows phone.


Android is expensive than the pure licensed window operating system by Microsoft because of the additional feature and compatibility with almost every hardware and software application brand.

Microsoft and Google previously had little match ups but the arrival of android ranked the Google equal to the Microsoft.

Largest Computing:

Android offer a large range of apps and smart phone application to its users present around the world. it provide specific installations and setups, that Microsoft windows doesn’t offer. From the review android has the largest capability of computing with totally graphical user interfaces to its users with excess application purposes.

Windows is mainly focused on the pc space and monitoring abilities, while Android focus on the strangler’s holder by the windows to expand its use.

Mobile Technology:

Windows here offer bettera speed and process to its users. But android had simplified the internal coding that makes it much faster. Google master product android is more flexible than that of product manufactured by the Big blue. This makes people to adapt the android instead of Microsoft versions.

Gadgets: Windows doesn’t have the wide range than that of the Google provides to its user’s, more specifically mobile users.

Features of Android:

Application framework: Application frameworks enables the users to replace and re-organize the working of the software. This feature is not made to be supported by the windows.

Advanced and Optimized graphics: the android is powered by a custom 2D graphics library; 3D graphics based on the OpenGL ES 1.0 specification.

Media support: it can support most of the formats of multimedia files including formats (MPEG4, H.264, MP3, AAC, AMR, JPG, PNG, GIF)

Drawbacks as compared to the windows

Some of the weak pints of the android is that the hardware dependability mainly in its processor that it has for certain use such Bluetooth, Wi fi, Edge 3D,Camea , GPS, compass etc.

Features of Windows:

Wallet: This option allows you store the vouchers and store cards digitally in your Mobile itself. It improves the reliability of users.

Share your location as text message: in windows 8 mobile, you can easily share your location from text message itself; when the receiver receives your message in theory mobile then your location will be opened in their browser directly.

Digital Rooms: This is an extra feature that is present in Windows mobiles. This feature allows you to create a digital room for the users and you can share your contents such as images, videos and location inside that Digital Room itself.


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