Download BlackBerry PC Suite for Windows 7/8/XP


Download BlackBerry PC Suite and install it to handle your smartphone in a better way through Windows PC. BlackBerry isn’t the leading smartphone brand at present but still its user base is outstanding. People who actually concern about their confidentiality still use Black Berry smartphones and so as to control their BlackBerry smartphone by means of laptop or PC they require to get BlackBerry PC Suite download. BlackBerry formally termed it as Desktop Manager Software and its accessible for free of cost.

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You can get this software for free of cost and use it to handle your device easily. The 7.1 version of the BlackBerry PC Suite is now available to download for Windows 7/8/XP and it’s much more stable. Previously starting the installation and download BlackBerry PC suite for Windows 7/8/XP you must know all the features and the steps to download provided by it.


Features of BlackBerry PC Suite for Windows 7/8/XP

The primary use of the BlackBerry PC suite is to control your smartphone with your PC i.e. you can modify settings and handle the folders and files kept on your device.

If you install the Black Berry PC suite, you can control video files, music files and pictures through your PC. Managing folders and files will be difficult if the PC suite isn’t installed, but using this PC suite you will feel relaxed.

The BlackBerry Desktop manager offers proper synchronization between your BlackBerry smartphone and PC. All the things kept and placed on your smartphone will be synchronizing with the software and will be protected forever. By help of the PC suite, you can keep back up of entire data of your BlackBerry smartphone which can be restored anytime hereafter.

You can also handle your e-mails by using BlackBerry PC suite.

Using the BlackBerry PC suite you can keep the software of your smartphone up to date if your BlackBerry smartphone is not properly working as it need to update.

Steps to download Blackberry PC Suite for Windows 7/8/XP

As you need to get the BlackBerry PC Suite download for Windows 7/8/XP, you have to follow the important steps given below:

Go to the given link by opening your internet browser and download Blackberry PC Suite Free for Windows 7/8/XP.

After that you will click on the download option to download this blackberry desktop manager.

It will start downloading your corresponding blackberry desktop manager setup to the download folder.

After completing the download, just go to the download folder on your PC and try to find the setup and then install the setup on your PC.

When you have finished with the installation just click on the function provide on the desktop which is installed.

After opening the blackberry apps PC suite just link up your phone to the blackberry desktop manager.

When you have connected your smartphone to your PC you can sync your folders and files from your PC to your phone.

With the help of this blackberry PC suite you can link your phone to the internet also.

Hope you enjoyed this article and this will help you to download Blackberry PC Suite for Windows 7/8/XP in some easy steps.


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