Explore Dunedin-5 Things to Do


This time plan your trip to Dunedin in New Zealand and get ready to take the experience of paradise. The place is the pride of the southern part of New Zealand and offers plenty of attractions to the visitors. If you are seeking for a place where you can take fun to the fullest while enjoying night-life, strolling to the markets and restaurant, visiting places and natural scenic views then this place is only for you. You can head to Dunedin without any problem and believe me it will be your most wonderful decision ever. The city is said to be a Scottish city but it’s not like that you would find English more. Dunedin has a population about 111,000 people and this region is known for the best Eco Tourism Opportunities.

1.     Otago Peninsula

Otago Peninsula

Start your journey with the most enjoyable and pleasant walks on the Peninsula’s Sandymount. There are many things which will come into your path like old gnarly trees, cafes and restaurants etc. The scenic view and the green lavish environment are just breathtaking. You can easily access the place as it is few kilometers apart from the city centre.

2.     Olveston

Take your family to the historic sites of Dunedin, Olveston is falls into the same category and considered as the home of the Theomin Family. The house and the genuine contents are opened to the public from the early 1900s. The house has the growing collection of paintings, artifacts and sculptures. The interiors and building architecture is spectacular and attracts many visitors from all around the globe.

3.     Dunedin Botanic Garden

There are plenty of things available to visit and experience in Dunedin and you could not complete them in just one-two days. Dunedin Botanic Garden is like such place where you would love to visit. This place is in midst of natural environment and offers a peaceful environment to all the visitors. The beautiful statues and lovely scenic views will make your day.

4.     Penguin Place

You would like the next place as it is the great conservation for penguins. The place is falls into the category of Natural or Wildlife areas. This place offers a home for world’s most endangered penguins. You can take a guide along with you and he will take you to the hides and trenches where you can see some flock of penguins doing different activities. It feels good to watch them in a great preservation among the several caretakers and natural environment.

5.     Enjoy Night Life

If you are going to Dunedin then don’t think day is enough to experience, Nights are also waiting for you. Dunedin is famous for the wild night life experience and for having a blast you can head to the Bog a great Irish bar. The bog is a bar and restaurant right in downtown Dunedin. You can enjoy entire night here while having some shots and dance on music. This place is very famous for the fun and relaxed atmosphere. So, have a blast at night in Dunedin.

Dunedin offers various attractions and things to do and it’s the foremost reason, Dunedin has been much popular all around the world. Plan you trip and have a nice holiday.


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