Facebook Proxy Login Sites List That Works


Facebook has changed the whole meaning of staying connected as there are people who make it all public on these social networking sites. Going for a dinner with friends and families to going to an important meeting, everything is updated on their Facebook page. In order to increase the productivity there are many offices and colleges that block the social networking sites because they think that people spend more time on these sites instead of working sincerely. This blocking of networking sites has been made a policy of the organizations so that the employees know that if they break the policy then they can be held for that. But as we are human, therefore we believe that rules are meant to be broken so we look for ways to get into our Facebook account even when they are blocked. Not only in the office premises or colleges, but also some public Wi-Fi network blocks the social networking sites like Facebook citing some security issues. It is annoying but we all compromised with the situation because the admin has blocked it. Though you will be able to access various other sites but the Facebook page seems to be blocked by most of them. Now with the help of Facebook Proxy Login sites you will be able to bypass the block and get through to your account effortlessly. This seems to be great news for the people who are addicted to Facebook as now they will be able to get through any restrictions and access their Facebook account in a trouble – free manner.

Facebook proxy login sites

What are Facebook Proxy login sites?

Want to know what Facebook proxy login sites are then here is an overview of the thing. With the help of this proxy login site you will easily be to bypass the security or the blocked access and use your Facebook from anywhere you like. As we were discussing that schools and colleges, blocks these kinds of social networking sites so that nobody can access it from the premises, but if you lay your had on any of the best proxy login sites then you can easily do away with the blocking and access Facebook.

These proxy login sites are easy to use as you can just enter URL on Facebook and this Facebook proxy login sites will load the page for you. In order to use these sites there is no need of any registration or account creation. The sites have easy user interface so that you don’t face any problem in getting through.

Facebook Proxy login sites list that works

There are three Facebook proxy sites that have made a name for itself and they are –

  • Proxymice
  • The Facebook Proxy
  • Unlock Facebook Proxy

You can use these sites to get the access to Facebook even when it is blocked.

Proxy Mice – This one is considered to be one of the best proxy login sites. The user interface is easy to use and you won’t face any kind of a problem in operating it. Get started with this uncomplicated proxy login site, enter the URL and you will be greeted by a welcome page which is self explanatory, so it wouldn’t be a problem for you to access Facebook page. High security is provided through this proxy site, ensuring the safety of your Facebook account. Another thing is that it behaves like a regular browser so you need not worry about anything else but enjoy!

Facebook Proxy – The restricted are might be any like schools, offices, colleges or any public Wi-Fi network, you can use this proxy site to get connected to Facebook. This one also has an easy user interface and is high on security too. Another important thing about this proxy site is that you can use this as normal browser and access other blocked sites to apart from Facebook. In this one also you have to paste the URL and follow the instructions to get to the Facebook account.

Unlock Facebook Proxy – Now this one also works in the same way as that of Proxymice and Facebook Proxy. You will be able to access Facebook from anywhere you want through this Facebook proxy login site. The user interface is simple therefore you can easily browse through it and it also can provide you with the access of other blocked sites. Now you know where to go when you find that Facebook access is blocked.

With the help of these three sites you can easily get access to Facebook and other blocked sites. Not only that these three proxy login sites are secured enough for browsing.