Faster healing – Get rid of Headache


Headache is very common among people of all ages. Even sometimes very silly acts brings headaches; like you got drenched in rain and suddenly your head starts aching without any sign. Although this might be a sign that you are getting a fever soon, but it can be for visibly nothing too. Sometimes it happens as a minor side symptom of some other serious or not-so-serious diseases, sometimes it itself is a disease. For example, only the sufferers of migraine know how bad it is.

If you have chronic headache then that’s a different case and you need to be in constant touch with a doctor and get treatment under his/her supervision. But if your headache happens all on a sudden and you want a quick treatment to it, then we have some quick remedies for you.

How to get rid of headache


How you get rid of headache quickly

  • Get a pain killer for the headache. Your over the counter pain reliever would be able to do the job pretty well. Taking these painkillers just when the symptoms are about to rise will work better, as they start around 30 minutes to work. And if you are already suffering and gotten into acute headache, nothing to worry about; ibuprofen, acetaminophen, naproxen or aspirin can work well on relieving the headache.
  • No one below 19 years should consume Aspirin. It’s not suitable for those who are below 19, and should not be given to children under any circumstances. Reye syndrome is a deadly syndrome that might be caused by consuming Aspirin for those below 19 years; as a precaution Aspirin shouldn’t be taken by people belonging in this age group.
  • If you had a busy day and suddenly it began to headache, then there’s a probability that your body lacks enough water now. Dehydration is one common reason for headaches that most people neglect and don’t even understand why they are having such pain. Especially if you just vomited due to sickness, or maybe you are having a hangover. As soon as your head starts to ache, drink plenty of water. Start with a tall glass of water and then keep drinking water in smaller sips.
  • Consuming caffeine can relieve your pain; it can also benefit you by making consumed painkillers work faster. Almost all available and mostly used pain killers in the market contain pain killer which makes them more effective, and when you take caffeine in form of liquid coffee, they might work faster.


But at the same time, they can have an adverse effect on you. Being heavily dependent on coffee would make you feel headache when you suddenly take it off your diet. You will get plenty of sources online to know how to slowly withdraw caffeine from your regular diet.

  • Take rest if possible, it’s really helpful. If you are in such a situation to find a dark and quiet room and allowed to be in there, then make proper use of it. Make the room dark, close your eyes and focus on how you breathe; should be enough.


Doing above steps should give you a quick relief from headache. Stay healthy!



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