Free File/Parition/Disk Backup Solution-EaseUS Todo Backup Free 8.9


EaseUS Todo backup free 8.9 is a user-friendly free backup security software for users to back up photos, restore, music, videos, documents, clone hard drive windows 10 and shrink volume Windows 10, etc. EaseUS Todo backup free 8.9 comes with a detailed instruction manual that can be used without the help of an IT specialist.

Disk Backup Solution

In addition, EaseUS Todo backup free 8.9 includes a Backup Manager which allows you to manually delete images files or edit tasks. The changes take effect immediately. Among the backup files, you can choose to store the network share files, running files, folders or file types in case of virus attack, a problem with the hard drive or a delete by accident. You can change or delete a backup task or plan, delete image files, and even convert an image to VMware or Virtual PC Image File Format.

Backup Schedule: with EaseUS Todo backup free 8.9, you can run backup automatically at a predefined time or upon event. By scheduling a backup task with a simple backup wizard, you can set to backup now, weekly, monthly or upon a Certain event: such as system startup.

Furthermore, EaseUS Todo backup free 8.9 can be programmed to perform a backup. Therefore, your system and important data can be securely stored daily, weekly, etc.

With EaseUS Todo backup free 8.9, you can easily clone Windows 10 system disk and solve low disk space problem. This is ideal if you want to improve your hard drive without having to re-install.

Key Features:

  • One click backup and restore the system including the operating system and installed applications
  • File and folder backup and recovery including network data
  • Safe Mode full backup and efficiently – incremental backup to save time and disk space
  • Scheduling backup system for automatic data backup
  • Automatically remove overwrite old images.
  • Clone, backup and restore GPT disk
  • Backup options: image split, image compression, set priority, email notification, etc.
  • Clone or transfer hard disk to another
  • Backup to CD / DVD, network
  • Browse image files
  • Specify the types of backup as full and incremental while manually run the task / management plan.

New features:

  • Support Polski, Português along with supported languages
  • New feature added assembly and disassembly
  • Improves performance file navigation
  • Fixed error “has been restored to the network location”
  • Fixed error “empty folder after file type creates restore”
  • Fixed bug “would omit restore Outlook folder to restore again after canceling”
  • Fixed error “Windows Vista and later versions of the operating system can not proceed the backup trigged by stop”
  • Requirements: PC-Compatible computer With Pentium or a similar CPU

EaseUS Todo backup free 8.9 is also a free cloning software Windows 10 as it completely supports cloning large disk to small disk as long as all the data on the source disk can fit the smaller one.

The program is completely free. EaseUS Todo backup free 8.9 is a new upgraded version with more powerful backup and recovery functions to fulfill all your requirements.