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Blue sky, breezy winds and beautiful green surroundings- are the best combination for holidays and New Zealand is the best destination for spend your vacations. NZ is one of the most popular countries renowned for tourism and offers many pleasant destinations where you would love to visit. Hamilton is the small city located along the Waikato- the longest river in NZ. The entire city is built around this river and it’s the foremost reason the place is pretty much popular among the tourists. Hamilton is known as the Garden City, as there are plenty of gardens and public parks. If you are seeking for a small town where you could enjoy to the fullest then Hamilton is a better choice for you.

1.     Waikato Museum

This photo of Waikato Museum is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Hamilton welcomes you with an amazing Waikato Museum; the place is worth a visit and offers the vast collection to see about the history and culture of the small city Hamilton. Museum is very old and situated on the banks of the Waikato River. This places is the heart of Waikato and with full of artistic and cultural artefacts.

2.     Taitua Arboretum

Taitua Arboretum is a beautiful natural garden spread over the 20-hectare land situated just out of Hamilton City. You can easily access the place. The breathtaking view and location is very popular spot for tourists and locals. Place is for family and colleagues to spend some time together, and enjoy. Garden is blessed with many fountains and variety of plants and trees.

3.     Boutique Cinema

Take out some time and visit Boutique Cinema as it will be your truly special experience for watching theatres. The place is very much popular because of its location, building design, sound and café. Place has a very impressive coffee shop where you can have very nice espresso. It is one of the busy places if the city so, before heading to the Boutique Cinema check out the show timings and tickets availability.

4.     Anglesea Motel

A good place for residing is very much important as the place for holidays. Hamilton has plenty of hotels and motels where you can find a room according to your requirements and choices. But I would suggest you to take a suite in Angelsea Motel as it is one of the best places in Hamilton. Angelsea is located very close to the heart of the city and offers best services regarding rooms and staffs. The motel is designed well and having a small pool for visitors, rooms are spacious and clean. Motel offers 24hrs room facility and front help desk. So, it’s a good place to lodge.

5.     Visit Seafood Market

Hamilton comprises a complete fish market and many shops where you can stroll. It is undoubtedly the best fish market where you will find fresh sea food. There are plenty of choices available and you can take them according to your mood. If you want to eat some deliciously prepared sea food then there are plenty of shops available.

Hamilton is the small city but has many things to explore. You can undoubtedly take your family here, to spend some time together with you.


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