Handy Tips For Gathering Your Backlinks and High Page Rank for Websites


Now a days, not only the SEO professionals, but every blogger and web owners has realized the influence of backlinks in getting a good rank for the blog or website in search engines. Now everyone is trying all the known methods to get good backlinks. It is not necessary to go for any link-farms or paid link directories, instead you can create quality backlinks to your website by adopting few simple tactics:

Article submission: Submit some high quality articles about your niche in well established and reputed article directories that have authority in famous search engines. This will give you the opportunity to place a link to your blog in the article. You should make it sure that you are using do-follow directories, as the links in no-follow directories are not considered by search engines for ranking.

Use Social Media: You can use do-follow social bookmarking websites to get backlinks for your website. The social media sites have a high rank and most of them allow adding links. The links in these sites get indexed quickly and help to get quality backlinks easily.

Document Sharing: This is a great way to get backlinks to your site. All you have to do is to convert your blog posts and articles to pdf files, leaving links to your website and upload it to some reputed file sharing sites. It is sure that you can obtain high quality backlinks as many of these sites are trusted by popular search engines.

Guest Blogging: It is another powerful tool to build high quality backlinks to your website. You can do it by submitting wonderful content for some famous blogs and this will introduce you to the existing audience of that blog. Placing links to your blog or website in the article you submit will make your blog also popular. The backlinks you obtain through Guest Blogging method are often high quality as you are guest posting in blogs that are authorized by search engines over time.

Blog Commenting: Commenting on blogs that enjoy good popularity is another way to get backlinks.  If your comments are good enough to impress the reader, they will be clicking on the link that you provide with the comment. This method can get you direct traffic and backlinks from those people who click on your link.

Press release and news announcement: This method will give good result in building backlinks, if approached properly. You have to prepare a press release about an important event of the day and share it in any press release websites. A professionally prepared press release is sure to bring many visitors and backlinks, but you have to do this in a daily basis to get the expected results.

Backlinks has high influence in determining the page rank of a web site, and it is very difficult to get natural back links without proper self-marketing. However, by practicing the above mentioned Handy Tips for Gathering Your Backlinks, it will be easy to get a high rank for your web site.


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