Healthcare Apps and How They Help Nurses


Technology has come a long way. There are many useful apps available, especially in the medical field. Nurses and hospital administrators are using iPads, iPhones, Androids and Blackberries to download health care apps. They use the apps to research medical conditions and medications. The apps also help nurses keep current with changes in the medical field. There are several apps that can be valuable resources for nurses, whether it is being used on the job or throughout their mba healthcare management program.

Healthcare Apps

Nursing Central app

The Nursing Central app is an application that is very popular in the smartphone device. It provides an in-depth understanding of disease, test and drug information. There are several medical books incorporated into the app. Some of these books include the Davis Drug Guide, Tabar’s Medical Dictionary, and the Disease and Disorders reference guide. This means there is a lot of information on medical drugs in the database. There are also 65,000 medical definition terms. Nurses also have access to nurse’s journals. The app also offers other useful medical information.

Nurse Tab: Fundamental

Another great healthcare app is the Nurse Tab: Fundamental. The Nurse Tab was created by a nursing professor whose intention was to create an app that elevates and improves the teachings in the nursing course with the use of interactive tools. It serves as a quick reference for both a clinical and classroom environment. The app is focused specifically to what a nurse needs to know. The Nurse Tab: Fundamental is one of the top eleven iPhone apps for nurses.

Eponyms app

The Eponyms app can be used for the iPad, iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows mobile devices. It has 1,700 eponyms from the Andrew Yee database. This app has medical terms for the nursing students.

Taylor’s Clinical Nursing Skill: A Nursing Process Approach app

Taylor’s Clinical Nursing Skill: A Nursing Process Approach third edition app uses a pictorial guide to performing many different skills nurses need to know. The skills level goes from basic to advance. On each skill, there is an equipment list of what’s needed for the procedure. It also contains nursing actions as well as the assessment parameters. The app also provides the things nurses need to know to provide safe and effective nursing care. There is hand hygiene alert that reminds the nurse of the best ways to prevent the spread of germs. The app also focuses on the individual patient’s care so that each patient receives the correct and proper medical care and help needed. There are four medical calculators and three flow charts. These are used as a step by step tool guide.

IV Med Notes: Nurses” Clinical Pocket app

The IV Med Notes: Nurses’ Clinical Pocket provides nurses the most current information on how to administermedication by using the IV. There are illustrations shown on how to master hard and dangerous skills. Content of more than 200 drugs is available. It explains what each drug is for, how to use it, and the dosage needed. There is information on both adult and child dosages. Also included are the drug interactions, chemical compatibility and much other medical knowledge that nurses need to learn. This app is also available in various platforms.

The apps discussed are just some of the healthcare apps that help nurses that are currently students, interns and healthcare professionals. They are ideal for staying up to date on new ways to provide medical and patient care.