High-efficiency PDF Helper for Small Business Group-iSkysoft PDF Editor and Its OCR


iSkysoft is a complete package for your all PDF needs. Analogous to Microsoft Office, iSkysoft PDF Editor offers various handy services to its users. It is a smart program that allows you to edit, create and convert PDF files with ease.  As if a graphic library bundled attributes the iSkysoft PDF editor have lots of bundled attributes that make them the best PDF Editor available in the market. During the testing phase iSkysoft PDF Editor worked great and functioned as if Microsoft Office for all your office needs.

If you are a user who handles bulk of PDF files in a day then iSkysoft is the apt software for you as it showed great speeds in handling larger files. iSkysoft helps in the effortless and seamless creation, editing and organization of the PDF files. The key features will include Create PDF, Edit PDF and Convert PDF.

  1. If you are a regular user of Microsoft Office, then the interface of iSkysoft is very simple and easy to use. There is no ambiguity in the selection of the tools. Almost all the icons in the sink are familiar to all computer users and no extra effort is needed to learn about the icon set. Since the interface is simple and the sink is active creation and editing of PDF files with iSkysoft was very easy. We created a sample PDF file in a short span of time and the time saved by this software is more than 70%. Single metaphor will help you in converting the PDF to documents, presentation and excel sheets. Text editing options like Bold, Italic Underline, font, font size and colour are available with the software. There are lot of other tools that will add more details to your PDF files.
  2. iSkySoft PDF editor offers various features to authenticate the PDF file you created with it. Password protecting the PDF files you created is the one option that is offered by this PDF Editor. This will disable the copying editing and sharing of the documents without the password encryption. Further, iSkysoft will help you to jail break into protected PDF files .i.e. you could edit and share the protected PDF files with this software.
  3. Most highlighting feature of this PDF Editor is the technical capabilities that it offers. This PDF editor allows you to make PDF files from the scanned documents. Once you have the OCR plugin enabled then you could convert the scanned documents to image, word or excel sheet.

Further, iSkysoft PDF Editor will allow you to split a single PDF file into fragments. Moreover, you could do the reverse engineering by merging two PDF files into one. The merging could be conditional by setting the number of pages you wish to have and the quality level of the PDF files to be created.


Comparison between Standard and PRO version:

iSkyskoft PDF Converter is available for users in Standard and PRO versions. PDF Pro version have many handy features that standard version do not offer. Features like OCR plugin, converting PDF files to different formats like images, presentations, documents excel sheet is available with PRO version only. The PRO version of iSkysoft also has the space to fill out PDF forms and create PDF forms from templates. If you are a user with heavy PDF documentations then we suggest you to have iSkysoft PDF Converter PRO. And for PDF Editor, they also provide OCR plug-in.