How connecting with bloggers can boost your blog


Creating connections with bloggers can not only boost your blog but also make you popular in your niche. This the secret many bloggers use to kick start their blog and made It successful up till today.  The blogosphere is getting crowded nowadays and to stand out of the crowd you need to follow these steps that I’ll be mentioning below.


Write about bloggers in your niche

Write a list about the top blogs you admire, blogs that helped your blog or anything thing concerning other bloggers. It can be in this format

To 10 bloggers <keyword>

10 successful bloggers <keywords>

10 blogs <keyword>… and so on.

After you’ve written a blog post about them, contact each of the bloggers you mentioned by telling them about your blog post. They’ll come to post a comment, thanking you for mentioning them and if they love it, they will share it to their massive followers and readers. This was the method I used to kick start my blog, I wrote a blog post on “20 successful bloggers and what they have to offer”, I used the same procedure above and I got good results, this is one of the blog post on my blog with the highest page view. Not just that, I also get some readers and subscriber through this method, so don’t skip it.

Interview Top bloggers in your niche

Interview top bloggers in your niche, you can ask them questions on how they got to the position they are and the effort they have made on their blogging journey so far, there are many other broad questions that you can ask them. They would love to tell their readers that they have been interviewed by you there by making those readers hop to your blog and if they find your content helpful, they’ll definitely become a returning visitor.

Link to Blogs

You can link to blogs of the bloggers you wish to create a connection with, that’s if you have a point on your blog post and it has a better explanation on the blog you are linking to, those bloggers will get a trackback alert and they would love to check your blog if you’re offering valid information or you are trying to spam their blog. If they find your content useful and appropriate for linking to them then they’ll approve your trackback.This trackback shows in the comment section of the blog you linked to and It’s not only a way of creating connection with bloggers but a way of getting more traffic and backlinks (which I call traflink) to your blog.

Comment on blogs

I’ve been a comment addict right from when I started blogging and this has really helped my blog. Comment regularly of specific amount of blog, the blog author will definitely notice you after some number of comments and will be curious to know more about you. This is my personal method, I created time to post a comment on a minimum of 10 blogs in a day. Think of how many comments you’ll unknowingly post in a month, the traflink is really going to be huge.

Join Blogging Communities

Communities are places where bloggers join hands to promote each other’s blog. It not only gives you traffic but it also increases your page rank. Here you’ll get to know more bloggers, promote others people’s post and others can promote yours too, making your blog go viral. There are many blogging communities online and I’ll be mentioning a few of them;

  • Bizsugar
  • Blokube
  • Myseocommunity
  • Facebook groups
  • Justretweet
  • Easyretweet

These are places where you can connect with tops bloggers and where other bloggers can promote your blog.What are the strategies you use in connecting with bloggers and how have they boost your blog? I would love to hear your views.


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