How to Earn from Confession Pages on Facebook


Confession page- a new trending topic on facebook that has attracted people of all ages. These pages are like a new spice for many users who are bored of eating the same thing again and again. Confession pages of schools, colleges, community, embarrassing sex stories etc. are making people more engaged on facebook. Recently, I saw a page on facebook about Delhi Metro Confessions having 1.8M followers. That`s a huge audience and most of that remain active as nobody has forced them to like that page. Public enjoy reading experience of different people while travelling in metro. Now, why don`t we use that audience, by ‘we’ I mean admin who works for free as Facebook for sure don`t pay for copying confessions from Google Docs Spreadsheet to confession page and adding a number with the confession.

Earn from Confession Pages on Facebook

This post is for those confession page`s admin, who work day and night to make their page go viral. Though that won`t make them rich, but atleast they will earn enough to pay few bills. Starting the post with easy and reliable way:-

1. Advertising Sites:

Sites like,,, etc. pay publishers for posting ads on social pages. Publishers can earn upto 50$ per month from their advertisements. The price may vary but the average is around .03$ per click.

Let`s take an example of, It usually pay from US clicks but it`s not mandatory. It works in 4 steps.

  1. Find advertising campaigns you like.
  2. Click on “Get Web Link”.
  3. Copy the content.
  4. Paste that link below confessions.

You can use multiple sites to compare which pays more according to topic of your social page.

2. Join CPA Network:

CPA networks pays you commission for the sales made by your links. It`s another way to use your traffic. You can earn money from CPA network in the following way.

  1. Join CPA networks like AdworkMedia.
  2. Look for an offer that will get maximum conversions.( choose according to your topic of page)
  3. Post it on confession pages.

3. Get Paid for Status Updates:

You can also try this to get paid for each sponsored status on page. Usually many companies like to promote their product or services in this way. You can even post your offer on various forums.

For ex. I will update status on XYZ confession page for .5 $ per status. Page has pqr likes and abc active members.

4. Earn from AdSense:

AdSense is a advertising company of Google and If you own a website, you can make better earnings than all the options mentioned above. If you don`t have any knowledge of setting up a new website and content to put on that, you can simply make a site like 9gag which only upload funny images .You can find pack of funny images on forums for free.

Once you have setup the site, you have to simply post images on regular basis. You will get traffic from search engines and you can get some traffic from your confession pages by mentioning link of your site on the bottom of page with a small excerpt.

5. Commission from Facebook Apps:

There are various apps on facebook that works on commission agenda. You are paid 50-60 percent of the sale. This method is also good as it understands and gives you links according to viral topic to earn more from sales. You can try


Never forget that your page is made by audience, so don`t overcrowd page with the ads and links that are useless. Keep people engaged to your page for longer time and post ads regularly and effectively. You can earn more from single ad than many ads when you post it wisely.


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