How to heal cold sore overnight


Cold sore is actually a common disease in some specific seasons which is caused by the manifestation of a special type of virus named herpes simplex virus. Cold sore can heal itself naturally and you may not even have to worry about it at all; but this might take a whole week and there’s this question that if you really want to keep suffering this long. There are many reasons for what you would want to get over this cold sore fast, and there are various methods for it.  Although the natural way is always preferred over the other ones as it’s the best way and harms human body the least.


But still if you want to pursue some remedies for cold sore, then here we are, with some remedies for you.

How to heal cold sore overnight

Over The Counter Remedies

  • You can apply a medicine on the affected skin; the name of the medicine is docosanol cream. Before you apply it on your, you should better check the label for instructions and to determine the amount of cream actually needed to be applied. These creams are made with docasonol which is also known as behenyl alcohol; please check the labels before applying to make sure you are using the right medicine. This medicine is well known for faster healing of cold sore.
  • Styptic pencil is a good tool for any cuts like the ones occurring from shaving, to even soars like cold soar. Although when you apply this pencil on your skin, it might hurt but the pain will go away soon and will heal your cold sore.
  • Rubbing alcohol might be a good medicine to quickly heal cold sore. This will dry up the sore and also the risk of being infected will reduce.
  • You can use petroleum jelly to soften the soars. Petroleum jelly stays on your skin and acts like a shield on your skin – so it can also prevent you from infection.


Prescribe Remedies

These remedies might require a doctor’s prescription.

  • You can use pencyclovir cream on a cold sore, works well and fast. This cream works in a way such that it reduces the pain and makes the healing process faster. It’s required to apply the cream on your sour every two hours for four days and make sure you clean and dry the sore area with water and cleanser. Excessive use is not suggested.
  • Famciclovir tablet is another good medicine for healing cold sore. At the very beginning of cold sore, you should take one tablet once. It will work against the viruses responsible and works best when consumed early.
  • Acyclovir cream is another good repellent for cold sore. This cream is usually prescribed to be applied on the sore once in a day for four days. Before applying, make sure you wash the affected skin area with soap and water. Wet screen is not suggested, wipe and make your skin dry. Apply a thick layer of the cream and keep rubbing unless the skin absorbs everything. This treatment works best just when the sore starts to show up.


These methods should help you well in treating cold sore. Stay healthy!


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